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Thread: How could a weaker char to win against a tougher in GS?!
Post by: Jim Belord(101909)
2005-06-22 18:52:34
I saw a weaker char to reach in round 18-th, and I go down in 6-th... It's impossible yto understand. I'm perplexed cos I don't know what to train to win in GS... I saw in first 30 someone at level 15; how could that be?! Or others in level 1 with more fame that others in level 16... I don't understand nothing... How could that be?!
Thanx if someone answer.
Let's hope in a clue in this "mistery"!
Post by: Jim Belord(101909)
2005-06-22 18:54:58
I forgot something.
Others are hited 2 or three times a round and other not at all in some rounds. It's very curious?!
I want to be an equal fair fight, and to know that improving some skills make u better.
This thread shows that the whings are at least weird...
Post by: FloriZeus(7923)
2005-06-22 19:10:06



one day this one wins, the other day another;

remember though, that better chars always have more chance of winning;

having more chance does not mean that you will definitely win :)
Post by: JEED(103136)
2005-06-22 22:27:52
I saw me hitted three times in the same round, and other didn't appear to be hitted?!
This randomness don't care about skills?!
I saw a King Windbreaker ... at low level with fame as high level... Could this be just RANDOM?!
Or is a relative of Pasha the Winnbreaker ...
I just want to progress and feel alienated by this mistery regarding the way to be better in GS !!!
Thanx for answers!
Post by: FloriZeus(7923)
2005-06-23 01:55:46
Hey guys, try to figure out how the Game, Combat and Experience/Fame works.

Then say that something is not fair and do it with arguments in detail :)
Post by: Jim Belord(101909)
2005-06-23 16:36:19
Quote :
FloriZeus "Then say that something is not fair and do it with arguments in detail :)"

Let's look at something:

Gladiator Combat 5

Everybody could find this in Gladiator Sports.
Sports ID: 2784
Time : 2005-06-22 12:45:01

Winner : FAME TEST

17 Rounds

I was expecting for everyone beeing hit, or missed if he has better stats; beeing missed I see a worthinness!
But how could be explained that in rounds:
1,3,4,8,10,11 he is nor hitted nor missed ???
I don't add 17, because is understandable that if all goes down there's no one to hit u, but in the other six?!
How could be explained that in rounds 1,3,4,8,10,11 he is nor hitted nor missed ??? Is quite 30% of all rounds! So it is easy to win!
Maybe I don't understand something but, please help me to understand!

Is need of more details to explain my confusion?! I want to understand how could I get better results, what skills I should train, and how to get better results in GS...

I don't want to upset somebody!
And I appreciate the game, is nice and I want to play it at it's best!
Post by: FloriZeus(7923)
2005-06-23 19:27:57
I have checked Sports 2784, and I saw the name "FAME TEST" in every round at least once, and a few times two or three times.

Unless this is not what you mean, or unless you are talking about another adventurer, I still do not see what the problem is.

In addition I'd like to say that I (Zeus) have won quite a lot of glad sports 1 where I am (in level) one of the weaker chars. I mean that there were fights with 15 or more chars with a higher level than mine but that I still one.

I'm trying to say that the way you spend your skill points is more important than your level itself. Most GS are composed of 30 players that are relatively close in level. As the Sports is random(in hitting, in missing, in damage done) everyone can win it.

In addition, Fame Test has won a lot of GS where he as a lower-level beat higher-levels. Most probably this is because he made a choice in the skills trained that paid off in the Glad Sports(but a choice that perhaps will not be good elsewhere).

I hope this clears up a bit...:)

Post by: Jim Belord(101909)
2005-06-24 00:44:00
I talk about this player indeed.
U don't look carefully.
Round 1,3,4,8,10,11 he is not hitted or missed. It is probability in a few of this six rounds that he hit someone, but...
What I want to say is that in a fight with a monster u hit him or miss him, he hits u or miss u... But in these rounds look carefully: HE IS NOT ATACKED!!!
If u aren't atacked u can't lose Hp and u can win :)

I think anyone should hit and be hitted in EVERY round; this I think is fair! Or am I wrong?! I understand that if he had good defense and offense he could be missed: this is correct.
But if someone is not atacked in a round I think it's a little (or more) unfair! What do u think?

What could say Doug the Designer or Peter about this? Could we have their opinion too?!
Maybe I have a bad understanding of the game, or maybe my thinking about fairness is not correct?!

Thanx again for answers!
Post by: Infamous_Infants(23)
2005-06-24 01:29:41
Well the GS gives away a lot of info.

FAME TEST got hit for 37 in that GS, so he most have at least 38+ hp

JEED have a max. of 65 hp

19 char. is using swords

6 war gloves

3 mace

2 axes

So what do you want to defend against ?

Sword would be a good answer. ;)

FireWave hits JEED for 12 (sword)

Sir Merik hits JEED for 4 (axe)

raoul105 hits JEED for 12 (sword)

Thomas Covenant hits JEED for 4 (gloves)

And so on, you can do this research by yourself by going through the GS.

To figure out how many hp FAME TEST have find a GS where he gets kicked out.

Look through 3 or 4 GS and you will be able to tell his/hers min. and max. hp.

Iím guessing that your are lacking some sword skill, could be that FireWave and raoul105 have way higher sword skill that you have. (witch mean that they probably have some other weakness, say staff, axe or something).

And as Zeus said there is the random effect to and also you character would make a critical hit from time to time.(max damage Ė1, for some reason I have never been able to make max. damage in a GS, so I assume there is an minus 1 to that formula)

Just pay attention to what there is going on in the GS and there is a chance that you can reverse some of your bad luck. (well this mostly count for the low levels, later on in the high levels itís impossible to tell in witch direction people are developing)

About being hit in every round; take a look at some of the fights in GS1 !! Zeus is very good a hiding and I donít complain, sometimes he stay out of trouble for 10 rounds and sometimes he doesnít appear at all(well I happen to me to, just donít pay attention when it happens). It just make it much more fun to nail him. Hehe ;)

And FAME TEST drop me a mail with you GS wins and I will ad you to the record list. (that is if you have more wins than The Crimson Shadow)


ohh and King Windbreaker have around 1000 fame, that can hardly be counted for as the same as those with high level !!

Post by: Carve(105202)
2005-06-24 05:15:44
King Windbreaker is one of the best between low lwvwl players!!! :))
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