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Forum: AF Development & Design
Thread: New Text
Post by: Doug the Designer(55)
2005-05-05 22:55:16
You can all help me out in getting the new levels prepped by creating combat and ambush text for the following monsters:



Cloud Giant -mountain

Storm Giant -mountain

Banshee -Forest Ruins

Monstrous Spider -Forest Ruins

Goblin Shaman -Forest Ruins

Werewolf -mountain/castle

Giant Bat -mountain/castle

Zombie Master -castle

Vampire Bride -castle

Master Vampire -castle

Dwarven Warrior -city

Dwarven Defense Patrol -city

Dwarven King -city

Dwarven Priest -city

Dwarf -city

Blink Dog (and pack) -plateau/desert

Rust Monster -plateau/desert

Displacer Beast -plateau/desert

Manscorpion -desert

Mangy Wizard -plateau/desert

Dwarven Champion -plateau

Naga -desert

Desert Giant -desert

Sand Worm -desert

Lesser Hatori -desert

Greater Hatori -desert

Sandling -desert

Raving Wizard -desert

Insane Wizard -desert

Any new text for "nothing," "luck," or "gold" would also be welcomed.

Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-05-06 01:20:23
I'm more than happy to help but I need more data.

*What's the terrain
*What's the theme
*What's the story-line

I know theme and story-line are limited due to limits for text but it would help to have a background so the combat and ambush descriptions aren't simplistic. Such as "Turning a corner you see a Zombie. He tries to eat your brains"

I'd rather say " Coming to a shallow part of the marsh you stop to survey the land. From under the brackish water a decayed hand claws at your leg. It is a Zombie. Do you..."
Post by: Doug the Designer(55)
2005-05-06 03:54:13
Theme and terrain added. There is no story line really.
Post by: slangi(11441)
2005-05-06 05:31:28
ooh a vampire this our golden opportunity to finally woo a female with all these shiny gems?
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-05-06 20:09:13
(The sound of chains rattling echoes off the walls as you enter the dungeon. You see that a zombie is trying to break free.)
(The corpse of a bride is lain out on what once was a dining table. As you lean over to inspect the gown the eyes open and the zombie attacks)

(Some soldiers never leave their post..even in death. This skeleton stands gaurd..armed and ready to defend the castle.)
(A sturdy oaken door blocks your path. You are so intent in your attempts to open it that you never see the skeleton that wants to kill you.)

Cloud Giant -mountain
(You felt that you had no choice but to climb the beanstalk that was before you. Nearing the top, you peak over a cloud bank and see a Cloud Giant tending his garden)
(Looking over an odd assortment of tall stone statues arranged meticulously on a grassy field you realize too late that it is a Cloud Giants Bowling alley...and he's very upset to have his game interrupted.)

Storm Giant -mountain
(A lightning bolt streaks down into the valley and a Thunderous laugh echoes across the land. The Storm Giant seems like he is having too much fun in his destruction)
(Odd that a giant table should be in the mountains..and with a cow standing on top of it. The Storm Giant sees you trying to scare away his meal and tries to eat you instead)

Banshee -Forest Ruins
(You hear a hideous voice whisper "Where is my child?" and see an equally hideous Banshee searching through the ruins.)
(Leaning over you see the skeleton of a small child. Your neck turns cold as you hear "What have you done with my child" Before you can aswer the Banshee attacks.)

Monstrous Spider -Forest Ruins
(From Pillar to Pillar a great web is stretched out before you. In the center of it sits what one can only describe as a monstrous spider)
(Exploring an ancient building you are puzzled by the webs strewn everywhere. You are soon given an answer as the Monstrous spider drops from the cieling.)

Goblin Shaman -Forest Ruins
(The temple looks like it was once grand but at least it is still a place of worship. A Goblin Shaman is preparing his sacrifice)
(You admit that the runins were too quiet but the last thing you wanted to hear was a a Goblin Shaman chanting while looking dead at you.)

Werewolf -mountain/castle
(Hearing a blood curdling howl you rush into the room to deal with what must be a simple wolf. What you see is a beast of a Werewolf, his claws covered in blood)
(The Princess asks you to release her from her cage. How can a noble warrior refuse to rescue a pricess. Unfortunately for you this beaty, once freed, turns into a Werewolf)

Giant Bat -mountain/castle
(The castle gate looms before you. The only thing barring your entrance is a Giant Bat)
(Stopping for a breef moment your rest is broken as a Giant bat swoops in from the night sky.)

Zombie Master -castle
(Corpses line the walls in this diabolical lab. A few zobie servants do menial tasks. The Zombie master is the one sewing up his newest servant.)
(Getting through the hall you knock over a stack of corpses. A door opens and standing before you is a demented and depraved maniac "What have you done to my bodies?" The Zombie master attacks.)

Vampire Bride -castle
(In one of the castle's towers you see the ugliest woman in the world parading about in a torn and ancient wedding gown. This must be the Vampire bride)
(Looking about in one of the towers you find a chest full of ancient wedding clothes and begin throwing them about to find the real treasure. A woman barges into the room screaming "What do you think you are doing with my stuff?" The vampire bride attacks.)

Master Vampire -castle
(You can't believe your luck. The Master Vampire lies in his coffin..asleep)
(You can't believe your luck. The Master Vampire lies in his coffin..asleep. You drive a stake into the chest. From behind you hear "Silly adventurer. That was just a corpse" The Master Vampire attacks.)

I'll do the rest later.
Hopefully you find some of them usefull.

Post by: Doug the Designer(55)
2005-05-07 23:36:21
Thanks, and keep them coming. Some of these monsters make multiple appearaces on the same terrain, so you can have more than one description.
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