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Forum: AF Development & Design
Thread: For Peter & Doug : A suggestion...
Post by: JEED(103136)
2005-11-23 17:02:20
I think it will be a good thing to be written in a yellow colour(or other visible,contrastant colour) as 1st thing to be seen when a player enter his page something like that (or similar in understanding) :

"Every new player before he/she beggins to play MUST read: Manual Index!
The player will avoid frustrations and a lot of unpleasant fealings and surprises!
Later he/she should see the Forum, the Player Pages and the chat that will increase exponetially the pleasure to play THE GAME!"

Or maybe only for the new players for the 1st 20 times they login?! (for don't annoy the older player...)

This will make for redundant questions to appear less in chat and to not be, maybe, boring. Anyway it will reduce these... And it will reduce the despair of those that ask help in chat... till benevolent login could be good minutes to hours...

Thanx for your attention!

Post by: JEED(103136)
2005-11-24 18:14:33
Could be under the left hand menu in coloured letters. There is a free space there! :)
Post by: provost(25123)
2005-11-24 20:27:25
Nah. If it was all in the Manual Index, new players would never need to talk to anyone, or older players wouldn't need to build Player Pages. They need just enough to get them started past the frustration curve, but leave them enough to need to either adventure themselves or ask questions on chat.

It's all good as it is :)
Post by: JEED(103136)
2005-11-25 02:59:30
As u say it means that even to begin the game could be a test of resistance: to don't be discouraged if u feel "LOST" and also a test of attention-observation: if someone don't see the manual index in the menu than maybe should train this abilities, too! :D
I like it as it is myself, but if more will tell their opinion here maybe we'll have a better taste of the problem! For me it was perfect as it was. But I saw a lot of newbies craving for help... :)

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