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Forum: AF Development & Design
Thread: For Peter and Doug: Congratulations!
Post by: JEED(103136)
2005-09-28 06:41:15
Congratulations! Because u introduced more voting sites! Before that, I was obliged to go to internet cafe often to use all the voting points.... Now, beeing more sites to vote, I could stay at home and vote!
I really thank u, and I'm happy cos i like to vote for AF!
Succes for the future!
PS The vote with marks is nice! I like also to give the max note to AF! Hope it will raise in charts (as me in AF charts , too :)...)
This is all... I hope that others players will appreciate this, too.
Post by: JEED(103136)
2005-09-30 06:11:05
And also the new effects on Moss eating/drinking are gorgeous! We are a lot that appreciate this... Suspans... and after consumming results could make u happy! ... :)
Or sometimes get u a blue mood... :(
But, this is part of the game.
I'm sad a little bit that nobody comments what I'm saying here!
I'm wrong with something?
Post by: Doug the Designer(55)
2005-10-03 12:06:53
There are new moss effects?
Post by: slangi(11441)
2005-10-03 12:24:26
I think hes been taking a bit too much moss personally if hes witnessing new effects
Post by: FloriZeus(7923)
2005-10-03 18:29:24
Hmm moss is for eating, not smoking...
Post by: JEED(103136)
2005-10-03 21:29:45
When I said "new" I was reffering to those different of energy; energy effects are the most often... these are good too, but the others are very enjoying cos save some skill points... :)
Post by: FloriZeus(7923)
2005-10-07 07:10:11
Well, hate to tell you, but those effects have always existed... :)
Post by: Doug the Designer(55)
2005-10-12 02:51:43
Post by: JEED(103136)
2005-10-12 16:43:22
The bad part is when it takes Hp...

This is for calming the joy!
Sometimes the calming is too harsh!

Post by: JEED(103136)
2005-10-20 22:34:03
I see more improvements at the sites to vote; now there are 3 that works one at 1 hour each; and there are more sites also. It's easy to reach the 50 points from voting having these opportunities and I saw in charts that Adventures Fame game has good positions. This means we do a great job voting!
It's weird that it's just myself that observed and talked about that?! But I am grateful for the makers of the game and wish u succes also in the future!
Best wishes to all AF community! :)
Post by: JEED(103136)
2005-10-25 06:39:04
This was written last evening at a site of voting:


"Site Of the Moment:

Adventures Fame

In the Town of Adventures Fame, personal glory is everything. Three times a week, all warriors gather in the arena to discover who is the best. If you are to become the most famous warrior of all time, you must have enough skill and stamina to best your p..."

And on a lotta sites we are on good places: 3..., ...4 , ...6 , ....7 , ... etc.

So all the adventurers from AF could enjoy!

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