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Forum: AF Newbies
Thread: How do u start?
Post by: zionwarcry(92965)
2005-05-01 05:22:23
I tried to start and all i get is:

Hi and welcome to Adventures Fame.

This is a free open-ended, browser based, fantasy adventure game.

In the Town of Adventures Fame, personal glory is everything. Three times a week, all warriors gather in the arena to discover who is the best. If you are to become the most famous warrior of all time, you must have enough skill and stamina to best your peers in open combat. In order to do that, you must explore the countryside and seek out monsters on which to practice your martial abilities. Only through their blood can you become trained enough to win the ultimate battle of fame and glory!

so how do i play it?
Post by: Wolverine(1)
2005-05-01 10:24:06
After you login click the Adventures Fame link under join games in the left menu.

After creating your adventure a PLAY button will appear on the account page.

Post by: BENERDUN(109842)
2005-06-29 04:06:49
HELP! I am a newbie, have tried to open the new gangwar game, and the screen just goes (and stays) blank white, nothing doing. What is wrong?
Post by: Doug the Designer(55)
2005-06-29 11:17:09
You can start by posting to the right forum.
Post by: gang_member(158558)
2005-12-30 09:49:36
hi im just a new player in gang war i created account wat i have 2 do in the game plz reply???
Post by: W0lfpack(162005)
2006-01-18 02:21:34
I'll reply to the topic creator.
First go to the shop, buy a weapon and a chain mail, the leather boots and the hat. Then go training to spend your skill points. Then, choose explore. When you run into a monster/animal choose atack.
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