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Forum: AF Newbies
Thread: get AP back from gangwars
Post by: gameboy360(284316)
2007-04-19 10:51:28
How do you get back your AP(action point)in gangwars because i am almost running out!!!!!????
Post by: Shalimar(257353)
2007-04-20 02:05:13
This is the Adventurer's Fame Newbie Forum, not GangWar, but you get 100 APs at 01:28 gametime each day once your GangWar has started. They start every 1-4 days so just wait amd your APs will replenish at the same time everyone else's do.

You can also check for yourself to see how many gangs are in your war on the Allies or Pay Tribute screens. The GangWar will start when there are 100 gangs and 30-40 a day usually join so you can see how close the start is by counting gangs.
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