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Forum: AF Newbies
Thread: web chat
Post by: justice(161533)
2006-01-13 07:25:04
please can you help me, every time i try to irc chat it says failed please can someone help me.
Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2006-01-15 09:18:51
sorry, can't help you there!
(just replying to let you know we're not ignoring you! :p )
Post by: Remorce(351560)
2008-02-24 22:05:32
same here I try to log into chat and all that comes in is a little red x in the chat window.
Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2008-02-25 15:22:15
did you install java or whatever on your pc?
but then again... there's nobody there anyway :D
Post by: mob(23502)
2008-02-25 19:44:43
Everytime I go in there I see X. I say "Hi X!" and he ignores me. What a jerk.
Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2008-02-27 11:10:08
haha, tell him i say HI :D
Perhaps he'll respond then? ;)

Or try klicking him! He allways throws me out when i do that!
Post by: The Legend Killer(21778)
2008-03-06 11:40:22
X is a bot there (duh!)

I'm shocked people still use the IRC chat actually.
Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2008-03-06 18:04:16
I think i'm on there most of everyone ;)
I love to be left alone in peace and quietness with a crattle of beer...
And some friends...
And some music...

Ok, i DON'T like quietness or lonelyness...
sigh... there goes my point!

i give up!
Post by: mob(23502)
2008-03-06 20:14:35
Mob: X are you really a bot?
X: Yes I am.
Mob: OMG!!!!!!
Mob: I feel so stupid.
X: You are.
X: You are stupid for making such a stupid joke.
X: So stupid that someone else had to point out how stupid you are.
Mob: *sobs*
Mob: You are a jerk, X!
* X sets mode: +b *!*
* mob was kicked by X (don't be stupid)

Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2008-03-07 03:56:34
He really IS a jerk...
He allways kicks me when i say he ows me a beer.

There was one day when i was drunk and i made a bet with him and he lost. I don't remember the bet, but HE sure does!
He doesn't want to tell me what it was about and he doesn't want to pay me a beer...

he's a jerk allright...

sigh :(
Post by: mob(23502)
2008-03-07 20:26:34
lol you're too funny Suep! Even my gf laughed :-)
Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2008-03-08 10:35:25
Haha, tell Tess i said HI ;)
And tell her to stop laughing with me :( I feel.. well... I feel laughed with!
Post by: movied14(366452)
2008-05-27 15:12:47
hey does anybody know who's the toughest wrestler in this bussiness i wanna challenge him.
Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2008-05-27 21:24:23
Being in the AF-forum, i bet that would be EBOLA :D
Or Deadly Force perhaps ;)
Post by: jsher1(371849)
2008-06-30 18:28:22
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