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Forum: AF General
Thread: Finding Items
Post by: raynbow(16237)
2005-01-19 22:09:22
So, I feel like compared to others in GS1 I have junky items. Are there areas that are better than other areas to find good items?

I can't quite seem to do the Mountain's Foot or the Sunken Ship yet, but I can handle all the other areas. Anyone got any suggestions of what's the best choice to get xp/fame and look for items?
Post by: FloriZeus(7923)
2005-01-20 01:44:47
Mostly, fame is found by killing creatures... the area with the most monsters found per day (ie; 70 fights per 100 explores for example) is best for fame.

XP is on difficulty of monsters and mostly by the damage you receive, the harder area the better.

I think for highest xp get possible this is ranking:

Mountain Foot
Elven Camp
Harbor T

However, with resting you can come accross more enemies in SPS, which would get ranked first in xp got per so many fights. Kobold, Bandit, Hilltop have also a fair resting/supriced rate.

Note that these areas are then also better for the fame.

For magic items, SPS is very good for finding Pirate items.
You can also find Pirate items at Harbor and Bandit but less likely.
Claw items may be found at Mountain Foot, Hilltop, Kobold and Elven I think, with a higher chance at the harder areas.

The normal magic items(ie Magic Plate) can be found in any of these places, with again a higher chance to come accross one in harder places.
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