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Forum: AF General
Thread: About player pages...
Post by: JEED(103136)
2005-11-23 16:48:42
1. Pasha's Page is the toughest in AF! "Congrats! Hooray! :D"
2. Zeus'es "Manual Index" is greatly useful for an AF adventurer! "Congrats! Hooray! :D"
3. Cuddly Bob's page is a nice and useful page! "Congrats! Hooray! :D"
4. AFGSA your page is perfect for me. You deserve congrats cos we can analize a GS faster and better! "Congrats! Hooray! :D"

This was on my heart to told you all!
May it be that new player pages appear nice and useful, and we hope that the old ones will became even better!

PS. This was my opinion! :)
Wait for others....
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