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Forum: GW Development & Design
Thread: ap not given
Post by: jeep075(357888)
2008-04-03 00:04:27
my gang was not given any ap for 2 days
Post by: detroit maniac(233270)
2008-04-03 18:44:42
Was your game being played during that time? Because if it hadn't started during those times, gangs don't get ap daily
Post by: spartan8(374565)
2008-07-19 05:20:24
then how do u get AP???
i think they should be given hourly or 1/2 hourly maybe like 4 every 1/2 hour would be great
Post by: Locked and Loaded(359992)
2008-08-12 20:43:42
Hey, Newbies, you get 100 ap once a day, at 1:28 server time, but you don't start getting that AP until your game starts, and you need 100 players in order for your GangWar to start.
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