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Forum: GW Development & Design
Thread: Dynamicly Generated Board Size
Post by: Doug the Designer(55)
2007-08-15 08:47:02
Lately, it's not a stretch for me to join a non-zero GW game and have only one other serious player in the game with me. Lack of competition makes the game uninteresting and drives away good players (zero games can't even seem to keep the vets around anymore). My suggestion is this: Make the size of the boards depend on the number of active players. This will concentrate the competition and allow games to start sooner, which means you might decrease the pre-start dropout rate.

Here's roughly how it would work:

The server would take a 5-game moving average (the last five games, averaged) of the number of active players in that game (players that login and enter orders) for the first ten turns. That number would determine how big the next generated board was. Personally, I think the current standard 50x50 board is too big now, and that the games could stand at 40x40 or 35x35.
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