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Forum: GW General
Thread: Game Status
Post by: Wolverine(1)
2005-02-03 16:33:09
20040419 Games where only experienced players can join are now available. To qualify you have to have completed a gangwar game with atleast 10 blocks left and be a donating player.

20040203 Show Map now shows allies in blue as the full map.

20040127 Max money can now be above 16 million.

20031203 A seperate retreat level for attack and defence is implemented.

20031203 Chat system added. It can be moved or disabled from the account settings link in the master account screen.

20031202 When you are logged into the game and click on the ranking lists they will open in a new window.

20031202 Rules link added to main game page. Minor changes made to the rule page.

20031130 Minor bonus implemented for donating players.

20031110 Gang Kills now logged, Max ap from voting each day

20031101 Implemented
- Min ap for a control order should be different in each game
- Change number of defenders pr block to be dependant of how many adjacent blocks you have to the block being attacked.

20031110 A red message will now appear in the top of the left menu when you have unread messages.

20030902 New forum system added, the old one will be deleted.

20030628 Our privious sponsor have desided to stop their vps servers. I have found a new sponsor and the games are now moved. Sorry about all the inconvinience this may have caused. Enjoy

20030408 Fixed a bug which made you not get the weapons of another gang when you took their last block.

20030403 The game is now running at a new server. Check the sponsor link.

20030331 Speed optimization done. The game now run under mod_perl which hopefully makes it faster. Also various stuff will now be cashed which also should improve speed.

20030324 The mailinglists have been removed as they where not used. In the full map your allies are now blue. Show Gang now also show the sum of the different buildingtypes you control. Gangs without a verified email address can't join games anymore.

20030319 Ip blocking is TEMPORARILY removed. It might make it again but until I have considered it some more I will leave it off.

20030318 Some anti multiplayer security have been added. This includes email verification and loging of ip addresses. Also players playing from the same IP will have to wait an hour to be able to log on the game. I am sorry that this is nessesary but since some players are not honest I have to do something.

20030315 Modified the loot combat output some, hopefully it will remove all the questions about loot bugs which is not bugs. Modified how armour works alittle, maximum characters saved by armour will now be equal to number of armours. Renamed the ingame news. Added total block controlled to show and explore gang functions. The retreat level is now shown in the control block page. You can now sell stuff at the black market.

20030311 As some of you might have noticed we had alittle downtime yesterday. We added a UPS system and moved the server into a rack. This should protect the server against powerfailures.

20030302 Got another donation so now there is a total of 5 players who have donated money. In new games the starting block of gangs will be more special. It will contain 100 residencial, commercial and Food Plants.

20030227 Wow another donation today. Now the total is 4 donations, 2 from GangWar players and 2 from Space Conquest players. Thanks alot.

20030227 Just got my 2nd. and 3rd. donation this morning. Good start of the day One from a GangWar player and one from a Space Conquest player.

20030222 We have just had a harddisk crash. Fortunately we are back online again without any data lost.

20030218 Forums now have a back button. Gangs can't release their last block. Removed the 2017 from the game name, the game could use a better name.

20030217 You can now ally with other gangs. You can see allied gangs maps and can't attack a allied gang. You don't have to remember gangids anymore since all places where you used to type in gangid now is drop down boxes.

20030215 News is now searchable and have a date stamp. The login procedure is made more robust. In new games gangs will start with above 100 novice gang members. Checkboxes for mail mass deletes.

20030215 First donation received !!! Many thanks to Gangwar1 - Filities(21)

20030214 Show Full Map link implemented.

20030204 Minor rules update. Automated several game master jobs.

20030203 Various minor stuff fixed. Fixed error in html code that made some fonts appear black in some browsers and ruined the map color coding. Sometimes when you found a vest when controlling a block it was not given to you. Minimum recruits from a recruit order is now changed from 1 to 0. Explore Gang now sents a mail with the results to you. Automated most of the game master functions.

20030123 GangWarV scheduled for starting 2003-01-27. GangWar6 and Gangwar7 created, both is 30x30 squares games.

20030121 GangWarIV will start in a few days. Fixed a error in the reward from taking a block. Now you don't need to have pistols or vest allready to find some.

20030120 It is now possible to transfer food and money to other gangs. This is supposed to be used for demanding tribute from other gangs/

20030119 Explore map now sends a mail with the result so you have the mail for furture reference. Show Map now have a button to return the map to your starting view point. New message system, unfortunately I had to remove all the existing letters. Number of unread player and game mails is shown at the show gang link. You now get a small reward for taking over a block. Forum system implemented.

20030112 GangWarIV and GangWarV created. They are both 30x30 squares and have room for 36 players. They will start when 75% full.
20030107 GangWarII will start at January 11 and GangWarIII will start at January 9.

20030106 Rules version 0.4 uploaded.

20030105 Rules version 0.3 uploaded.

20030105 First Gangwar game started. I also made the game GangWarIII ready for joining, it is a small game with only 16 player positions so I suspect it will fill up rather fast.

20030102 Rules version 0.1 uploaded.

20030102 The game GangWar will start sunday 20030105. Since action points can accumulate up to 300 you should take your first turn before tuesday morning at 4 am, othervice the game will do default orders for your gang.

20030102 Due to the fast filling of the first game I have set up another game which you are also welcome to join. The new game is GangWarII which is 40x40 squares instead of the 30x30 squares of GangWar, this allows for 64 players instead of 36. Feel free to join both games.

20030101 The beta test is completed and the first 30 x 30 square game is setup. When about 75% of the game is filled I will email all participients and start the game.
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