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Forum: SC Newbies
Thread: actually... how DO you get more AP?
Post by: Jack Oneill(262119)
2007-01-27 08:52:34
I ran out, and its my first run through of this game, and i dont even know if you can get more, but if you can, how... thx
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2007-01-30 17:31:47
you get 1 ap per ten mins as a free player. as a payer 7 per month (yes you can do this i know) or 14 per 2 months, or the given rates already (21 per 3 months etc) you get 2 ap per ten mins (it does make a major diff once you actually know how to play) and you can do bonus ap votes up to 100ap per day.
Post by: jacknoff(358544)
2008-04-04 15:34:36
you should make some other ways to AP.. like gambling and/or killing to get action points... and/or resting bonus/training bonus... something besides waiting 10 minutes for 1 AP... thats 144 a day... this would be way funner if it was more fast paced and i think i could get more pople to play... you should make it 500 AP a day... it would be awesome... not only would their be more battles but also it would be better for creating fleets and empires or what ever they are called...(space CLANS)..

have group battles maybe but some images of ships... and if you would like i could possible design some...but anyways... fun games, needs more!!!
Post by: philly(362374)
2008-04-25 15:49:09
pay to play and if it still exists you can do space conquest tournament. cap there is like 5000 aps and you get 50 per ten mins if i remember correctly.
Post by: Caza(2720)
2008-07-26 08:31:17
he's kinda right actually. If it was say, 4 ap every 10 mins, and 6 for donaters, then the game would be alot better. Back to the bigger scales like it used to be.
Post by: Archer(383191)
2008-09-17 03:34:58
Colony-Wars has more eye candy. No AP, but with researching tech and attack times it's slow. I wish someone could combine the two and make a fun fast game. CW is a pain just to start. It can take 72 hours to get some action going. It's a lot faster and easier to learn than Space Invasion. That game is a yawn fest! I do like the fact I could start this game and in 2 hours get to 5th place. I imagine I won't stay there long. The guys I beat up will be gunning for me. Oh well.
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