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Forum: SC Newbies
Thread: Who gets the minerals after a fight?
Post by: gak(158159)
2006-01-01 05:32:37
After a battle sometimes I get the minerals and sometimes I don't. So I went totally defensive. I figured if I squashed an attacking fleet I'd "harvest" the minerals from their spaceships' falling debris.

Well, I "beat" an attacking fleet. I destroyed 147 fighters. I lost 21 fighters
and 37 mines. At the end he still had more ships although my ships had higher "quality" (his were mostly fighters, most of mine were shielders).

Then he destroyed a munch of buildings and, to add insult
to injury, was awarded the minerals after the fight. The only good news is
that he decided not to come back for another round.

How are the minerals awarded after a fight?
Post by: SkydiveMike(86286)
2006-01-02 04:52:47
95% of the time if the attacking offensive value is higher than the defenders defensive value the attacker will will. Conversely, 95% of the time if the defenders dvalue is higher than the attackers avalue, the defender will win. Win = "get the minerals" in the phrasing of your original question.

If the attacker wins, he/she gets to bomb the homeworld and those destroyed buildings will add to the mineral winnings.

Notice, I used 95% in the first paragraph -- there is a 5% chance (also called a bs chance, buy some) that things won't go as expected and the "wrong" person will win.

Feel free to message me in game (or post in game chat) if you have questions -- there's plenty of others who will help/answer also.
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2006-01-14 16:51:44
wrong. 99% of the time a gerbil gets them. either a cuz, or a noob lackey, or a traitor. one way or another ... heck they may even take those mins and somehow send them to sc test.
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2006-02-11 06:16:32
How do you destroy a munch of buildings? Who muched them? Did the gerbils much them? Are they muching gerbils? How much mulch would a gerbil munch if a gerbil could munch mulch?
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