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Forum: SC Development & Design
Thread: Class system?
Post by: scion(66682)
2005-03-03 08:41:08
I recently started playing in another online game called Alliance Wars. It is similar to SC, just more detailed. One aspect that I really like of the game is that in the beginning on every round, you get to choose a clan/class/race that you play as. Each on has certain strengths, balanced with weaknesses. These strengths and weaknesses range from attack and defense bonuses/costs, better/worse resource management, improved buildings, etc... I was just wondering if this would be a good idea, if just to try out, for SC.
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2005-03-03 21:31:44
yeah.. many games like this use stuff like that.. but they are way more detailed and in depth then this game too.
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-03-03 21:52:17
Did I give you an Idea Phill? I'm so proud of myself.
Until something like that is implemented (If ever) I'm going to continue to roleplay what I have decided is SC's social structure. As allways anyone can join me in roleplaying or you can ignore me completely. We all enjoy this game in different ways.
Post by: scion(66682)
2005-03-04 03:27:04
In responce to phil; is this game adding details necessarily a bad thing? I think this is just a good idea to add that needed depth to the game. It's still just an idea on the floor, though.
Post by: Opacus Mortu(61923)
2005-03-05 05:39:00
...just a personal opinion, but how many noobs a round do we keep? not many, if we made this more indept, it would be harder, and we'd keep even LESS!!! and if this game changed that much i wouldnt play, i'm starting ot get the hang of big of a change in my opinion
Post by: scion(66682)
2005-03-05 13:23:39
But dont you think some leave because of the simplicity of this compared to practically every other game out there? I think this is atleast worth a trial run.
Post by: Opacus Mortu(61923)
2005-03-05 22:01:45
first of all, its obvious u r not a programmer, otherwise u'd no how diffucult that'd be, i myself am a programmer and do make some text based games....and wut uw ant to happen could take a long while, making different classes, each with different bonus's and different ships...i'm not sayin its not a good idea, it is....but i just dont think its good for us....others may contradict me....i'm saying my opinion, 1 persons opinion isnt much, u get everyone else to agree and mayb peter will change it, i myself dont watn to see it happen
Post by: sparkles(18049)
2005-03-09 18:16:20
What language do you program in opac?
Post by: Opacus Mortu(61923)
2005-03-17 07:25:03
I am not a certifed ""programmer"" but i do some, i no Q-BASIC, i'm learning visual basic 6.0, next year i'm doign visual, last year i started reading a book on PHP, so i plan on reading that again, HTML is technically a programming language, and i know basic HTML, and i'm considering doing some Java in 2 years
so my list that i no now is

1) Q-basic,
2) visual basic 6.0
Post by: ShadowKnight(13560)
2005-03-18 03:47:16
Post by: Voltage18(145681)
2005-12-25 04:19:25
i dont know, it kinda takes out bits of strategies of the game
Post by: mael(88584)
2005-12-27 04:05:46
If you want a game system with all the bells and whistles...then go play one..theres plenty out there.

Personally, I like this one just the way it is. Its like all my other vices in that its a straight forward deal.

I like my coffee black.

My whiskey neat.

My tobacco unflavored.

And I tip with a crisp, folded 1$ bill. sometimes repeatedly

Post by: SkydiveMike(86286)
2005-12-31 01:29:48
repeated, folded, $1 tips -- i did plenty of those last night
Post by: sparkles(18049)
2006-02-03 21:44:02
im alllll class
Post by: Gorgon(27256)
2006-02-10 06:56:11
yeah and no system ;) Problems with the waterworks again Spart? loooool
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2006-02-10 23:58:45


Philldoian: always tipsy during battle +1 attack power

Spartian: always late +2 mineral production

Gorgot: will not attack empires tree hugging abilitys. -3 attack power.

hows that ?
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2006-02-11 05:42:42
I have this picture of Maellstrom now.
He's sitting at a counter with a laptop in front of him.
On the screen is Space Conquest.
To the right of the laptop is a glass of whiskey, neat.
To the left of the laptop is a cup of coffee, black.
Hanging from his lips is a cigarrette.
(My guess is Marlboro Red or Camel Filter)
Every few minutes he stands from the laptop....
and tips a lovely, scantily clad redhead named "Roxanne"
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