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Forum: SC Development & Design
Thread: Mother Ships!!!!!!!
Post by: Darth Hades(411895)
2009-08-27 05:30:52
I think our empires need mother ships. it would be cool that when all our fighters are distroyed the mother ship can deploy more fighters. and it should protect a few harvesters from being captured that why u wont lose them all. what do u guys think?? please let me know. do u think other ships besides fighters and harvesters should be able to deploy from the mother ship, should the mother ship be able to die or be captured, should u be able to have more than 1, and any other ideas u guys may have please reply to this thread.

I think the Mothership will need her own page. with atleast the following options:
Load Fighters - 0 |
Load Harvesters - 0 |
Deploy Fighters - 0 |
Deploy Harvesters - 0 |
Fleet Control % to auto Release of Fighters - 70% |

(im sure other things can go on the page but i dont know yet please reply with any ideas)

MotherShip Stats:

MotherShips is used to hide and deploy Fighters and Harvesters. The mother ship can only hold 1000 fighters and 2 harvesters at a time. Any fighters currently in the mothership do not count toward your fleet control percentage. Any harvesters currently in a mother ship can not gather minerals. You can only load 1/2 of your total harvesters. It cost 1000 power to release a harvester from a mothership. These partially automated ships are very expensive but will give you a great edge. You can only build 1 mothership at a time. The mineral and power cost of the mothership depends upon the number of motherships you currently own.

(im not sure how big this game can get because i just started last week, so if you more experienced players can please give in put on how many ships can fit in the mothership mabye 10,000 fighters and 5 harvesters?)

Mothership Cost:

500 Space parts
5000 Minerals
2500 Power

(again im not sure how big the game gets so mabye it should cost more please post your opinion)

Post by: penguins(404743)
2009-09-10 19:06:55
stupid idea. there are about 5 worthless games similar to sc that employ the idea and they all suck.
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