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Forum: SC Development & Design
Thread: New Gold
Post by: RadicalG(52434)
2006-01-21 21:48:26
Two suggestions:

1) A new type of gold for highest round XP. I worked my arse off last round and topped the xp by a good amount, but I got nothing from it. It would certainly change battles quite a lot and might discourage feds from trying to sit out of range. On the other hand it would encourage everyone to torp constantly...

2) Exclude the top empire from fed scores at the end. They still get the carrot but the rest of their fed would have to fight for (and earn) their star. No more free riding. It would encourage the #1 empire just to donate fed fleet, but this option could be removed as well, or that donating could lead to them losing #1 and things changing completely.
Post by: Voltage18(145681)
2006-01-22 02:01:37
I dont like the 2nd idea, taking out top empire for federation scores gets rid of alot of valuable tactics.
Post by: RadicalG(52434)
2006-01-22 02:49:31
True, i only thought of that on the spot.... I do like the idea of a 'top xp' piece of gold though. It rewards hard work and adds a new dimension to the game that isn't simply winning in its conventional form.
Post by: Voltage18(145681)
2006-01-22 03:29:59
and perhaps it could motivate people to go out their and buy donators so they can have a chance to get highest experience. I Like the idea very much, but if we make this, im sure people will start wanting alot other things made..
Post by: RadicalG(52434)
2006-01-22 11:12:29
Maybe, but the rule of no donating to #1 was only made recently(ish) and there hasn't been a tirade of changes. The key is to change things slowly, or have them implemented in SC test first to see if they work.
Post by: ac(30533)
2006-01-23 04:26:04
my suggestion is to change the top carrot to highest xp carrot, that means the top player does not get a carrot anylonger only the one with the highest exp will get a carrot.

coz i dont fink it is fair that the one who is on top will get a carrot and the other fedmates do not get one.
coz sometimes the fedmates are wo does the whole work.

in short the fed with the highest score still get the stars and the empire with the highest exp get the carrot.
Post by: ac(30533)
2006-01-23 04:27:58
P.S. but we have to change the torp value too, coz otherwise noone will run on top since the top mostly will been took down by torps and gets way less exp then the empire who attcks.

looking forward to ur response :)
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2006-01-23 08:47:23
i say any rodent should be not allowed any gold...thus making the galaxy a better place, and make torps as expensive as mgs.
Post by: RadicalG(52434)
2006-01-23 09:53:28
I don't think changing the winners carrot is a good plan. Changing torp values would be a good idea if gold was introduced for highest xp.
Post by: jddegraff(43958)
2006-01-23 11:25:56
the best change this game could have would to be limiting the feeding. personnel coffers or lock the top fed, or lock the top 5 spots from feeding. there would always be a ladder and you wouldnt see the runaway scores in the # 1 and #2 spot. exi and troja think they thought this up, but i and a few others knew that this would happen a year ago. they were mearly the only ones who would sink so low to implement it. btw i found a online hockey game so i probably wont be around too much any more. g/l all let me know when the feeding stops.
Post by: sparkles(18049)
2006-01-23 15:49:12
i think that all that needs to happen is when a fed member reaches number one, access to the coffers is denied for anyone in that fed.

Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2006-01-23 19:24:48
+1 chris.. then its harvester goodness.
Post by: SkydiveMike(86286)
2006-01-25 11:21:05
torps as expensive as MG's sounds like a good idea -- it would serve two purposes

a) lessen torp-only attacks and even-out exp
b) make mg's useful
Post by: SkydiveMike(86286)
2006-01-25 11:24:03
online hockey game, sent? do tell
Post by: sparkles(18049)
2006-01-25 15:29:20
and harvies rock!
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2006-01-25 16:00:04
harvies rule the world oh yeah harvies baby
Post by: LosHobos(128600)
2006-01-26 06:55:55
Gotta admit, I think an XP carrot would be an excellent addition to the game.
Although, perhaps, it should be a Circle.

a Ring, of sorts...

"The Ring Of Effing POWER"
Post by: Voltage18(145681)
2006-01-26 06:58:11
Carrot, Star, RIng.
Post by: Gorgon(27256)
2006-01-26 08:16:39
dum de dum de dum

Oh.. oops.. ges I was dumming down the idea.. looooooooooool

getting to top and staying on top is a challenge in itself.. Anyone who succeeds in that should be rewarded.

Hey! Come to think of it I came up with a really good rule! Every time Gorgon gets into number one position the round should end and give him a carrot and a star!!! That would improve the gameplay no end! :)
Post by: sparkles(18049)
2006-01-26 15:07:04
interesting idea. the amount of times the person with the most exp hasnt won the game is a lot, i think i prefer that . . . .... :) the same people will always get a similar amount of exp all the time ne way, i mean, look at volt. hes an awful sc player with incredible low exp and he still won a round.... so like COOOOL.

maybe you could have a noobie award lol. the highest noob in the ladder that has a max of three rounds under their belt gets a slap round the head? or a or a dot, or a question mark

Post by: mael(88584)
2006-01-27 07:57:37
Yeah,, when we have a Most Experienced Player know for the guys that try realllll hard but just dont make it. We can explore some equally well deserved awards, like;

Most Logged On Player

Most Active Chatter

Most Bonks in a single round (for me, of course)

Most Improved Bowler


Theres 2 awards, they get awarded for very specific accomplishments, and are well respected. Not everyone that has one has "earned" it..and not every deserving soul has received thiers..dems da breaks..Most everyone knows the diff and to whom it applies..dats da nature of the Beast.

I'd like to see a Non-Fed High Score Award, but that aint gonna happen, and doesnt need to.

You guys wanna be Chinese Field Marshals...Ribbons for everyone, lets all play dress up cause we're all very dedicated...etc. again, whatever..

I like it the way it is, and when I get my chevron, id like it to mean as much as anyone elses ever has..mebbe more, cause its MINE..and ill keep it clean and shiny.


Post by: Gorgon(27256)
2006-01-27 09:13:22
maels post over half a page long... cant compute therfore ignore.. dot dot dot dash
Post by: sparkles(18049)
2006-01-27 15:15:33
how do we measure the bonks
Post by: Voltage18(145681)
2006-01-30 06:43:31
most improved bowler lol
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2006-01-31 15:29:53
make a new piece of gold resembling a penguin head.... it means most torps used in a round.. (yeah deader u win that one) torps are like penguins hunting for fish.
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2006-02-11 05:47:53
I make my own awards that I sew on my SC playing shirt. It is white with a picture of Phill and Chris playing baseball with gerbils.

My awards consist of little coffee cups. I get one every time I make someone spit coffee on their computer screen.

As of now I have 133 awards sewn on my shirt.
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2006-02-13 09:06:17
err, what about when u make me spit beer ?
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2006-02-18 05:27:08
Those awards are little beer steins. I have 36 sewed to my SC playing hat. The one with beer cans on the side of it.
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