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Forum: SC General
Thread: Interview with Spartapus
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-05-16 18:48:29
Welcome to SC News. We are very excited with this evenings show as we are bringing to our listeners an iterview with an SC legend. The one, the only, that master of intergallactic warfare...Spartapus.

Dalvian: Welcome to the show Spartus. You are a legend in our little universe, our corner of heaven. In fact many say you are the reason so many newbs want to play.

Spartapus(5295) goddam cat wants to play

Dalvian: Some player would let that kind of attention go to there head. Would you say you have become a little egotistical?

Spartapus(5295) yeah

Dalvian: One might think being egotistical, an egomaniac if you will, would offend some of the other top players.

Spartapus(5295) cool

Dalvian: They might even go so far as to say your reputation isn't deserved.

Spartapus(5295) well i think it is

Dalvian: With the reputation you have it seems as if empires would join together to take you down. When they launch a wolfpack campaign against your empire what tactics do you use to survive?

Spartapus(5295) run. run run run

Dalvian: Maybe such tactics are the reason your reputation as a warrior aren't as good as the one you once had.

Spartapus(5295) had?

Dalvian: Don't you think it would be noble for you to stand and fight?

Spartapus(5295) would that help?

Dalvian: Maybe your lack of a fighting spirit and the decline of your skills is the reason that famed Federation Notorious charges you to be a part of them.

Spartapus(5295) they do?

Dalvian: Be honest Spartupus. I have here in front of me checks that you have sent Notorious. That's quite a lot of money you pay them every month.

Spartapus(5295) yeah 420 a month aint so bad

Dalvian: No, I must admit my friends charge me more just to be seen in public with them. It's been a very interesting interview Spartapus. Before we go do you have any advice for the newer players of SC?

Spartapus(5295) apply to notorious

Dalvian: Well said. Remember folks. You heard it here. To succeed in SC...Join Notorious.

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