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Forum: SC General
Thread: My interview with Reporter Dalvian
Post by: cajunman(67645)
2005-05-13 01:56:17
Whisper: Hello Dalvian

Dalvian: Roak

Post by: jddegraff(43958)
2005-05-13 04:39:32
dont ruin a good thing whisper. please.
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-05-13 19:46:25
Don't worry. My insanity knows no bounds and is completely unbreakable.
Post by: RadicalG(52434)
2005-05-14 09:30:08
I'd like to interview Dalvian about the mysterious disappearance of my Magic Bus. What wasn't mysterious about its disappearence was Dalvian's proximity to the bus. And his unnerving aura of Coco Pops :D
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-05-14 20:15:56
*Snifs under his arms*
A mysterious odor of coco pops?
I don't smell anything.
Post by: RadicalG(52434)
2005-05-14 22:04:09
Actually its an aura of Coco Pops, it doesn't smell of nething
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-05-15 20:22:04
Well, I had my aura cleansed today by the voodoo priestess that lives in my basement. I defy you to detect any coco pop aura now. At least, at the price of 6 freshly slain chickens, you shouldn't.

Now..back to repainting that bus.
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