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Thread: My interview with PHILLDODILLDO
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-05-12 01:21:05
(Taken From Chat) (Out of context as allways)

Wellcome to SC news. Today we interview the famous PHILLDODILLDO and gain insight into that brilliant mind. And remember folks here at SC news we distort, you decide...

Dalvian: Phill, as you well known you are regarded as one of the most active players of SC. What do you get out of all this?

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) the prize is thinking u are good i suppose... and u get a free notorious fan club t shirt

Dalvian: You've been around a long time. Do you have fond memories of when you first started?

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) I remember when noobs shut their traps and just took it like the boys they are... when was that....?

Dalvian: That's quite a hostile attitude you have there. Do you have anything nice to say about your comrades in SC, Renegade for instance?

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) rene will stick himself to any males rear end he can.. i thought u would know that man

Dalvian: You might think you have seen Renegade stick himself to a males rear end.

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) the scary thing is i think i already have....

Dalvian: That sounds pretty scary. Does he have any accomplices in this strange behavior?

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) i swear its exi and rene and dealer about to "take advantage" of some poor kid... wacko jacko stuff

Dalvian: That's a pretty serious accusation but, for now, lets move on to a lighter topic. Many people wonder about your relationship with Little Sister.

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) i figured she be done with me by now but she had bad luck

Dalvian: Bad luck indeed. I had tried to get her at this interview but she declined. Do you have any idea why?

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) i thought we only party by ourselfs...

Dalvian: Indeed Sir, don't get offended. I was only speculating.

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) well get going bucko

Dalvian: Let's not get hostile Phill or I'll not let you bring that beer keg next time. Now if you don't mind we have this interview. What is your favorite strategy in SC?

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) phill is shipless... hit me hit me

Dalvian: I'm no expert but is that really a winning strategy?

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) naw i dont fib... i tend to stretch the truth from time to time.. but not a fibber

Dalvian: I see. Now about these top secret Notorious meetings. How do you usually bring them to order? What do you say to grab their attention?

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) everyone gather round.. sis is about to tell a naughty story :)

Dalvian: That seems like it would work indeed. When she finds out you do stuff like that does it improve your relationship with her?

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) nope u get no love.

Dalvian: I imagine she would be angry. Is there anything you say to cheer her up?

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) wanna hold hands and sing some songs round the campfire ?

Dalvian: Ahh!! I've actually used that line before.

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) no doubt

Dalvian: Well, I did get it from you I think.

PHILLDODILLDO(5915) how would u know....

Dalvian: That's it for today's show. Thank you Phill for attending and don't worry. The goons will throw you out of the studio allways.

Post by: Gorgon(27256)
2005-05-12 09:35:36
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2005-05-12 17:26:22
as always dalvian... absolutely brilliant !
Post by: cajunman(67645)
2005-05-12 17:32:32
what a toad
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