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Thread: The Assassin's Dagger (Roleplaying Thread)
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-03-04 05:59:49
From Dalvian's Confession

Written an hour before his excecution

Many have asked why I left the mainstream and became a rogue noble. Many wonder why I no longer serve the council directly, only working from the shadows.

I found the constant sqaubles dreary. They consumed my soul and I knew I must find my own path. So I went rogue and hired out my fleet and my soldiers, yes even my own blade.

That's why I dedided to work for one member of the High council (page 1.) at a time. Those with enough prestige and wealth (positions 1-10) could afford me and use my services they did, but only one at a time.

As evil as they say I am I only ever served one master at a time. When they fell from power, as nobles do, I simply found another employer. Really, I was no different from the rest of them. The only difference: I had no desire to rule the council. Let them fight for the throne.

This is my story
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-03-04 06:00:49

First Task

Dalvian's fleet arrived on the burning world of Simstar. There had been no fleet to stop them. There were few soldiers on the ground. The raiders began collecting minerals, power cells, and cultural treasures.

The seekers went through every building. They searched every cave. No place was missed. No palace lay untouched. All of the Noble family, including Lord Simstar himself, were brought before Dalvian.

"You may wonder why I have attacked you as you lay undeffended" Said the Rogue noble. "You might think me a run of the mill scavenging pirate, the lowest form of civilization." He smiled.

"Know this Noble Lord, My attack on you was not random. I was hired by one of the council. The name is not important. Know only this. Soon you will no longer be a member of the High council (page 1.) and I'm sure my master will profit. I know I have."

The rogue noble, assassin of the high council, turned and left. His job had been done.

Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-03-05 20:40:38
Second Task

Sped paced back and forth in the council chambers. The other council members were looking at him and he knew it. Worse, the minor houses (page 2) were looking at him too. He was weak now and would soon loose his seat. The minor houses smelled blood.

He wondered how this could happen. His house had been strong as had been his fleet. He looked at Lord Dalvian. His fleet had been the ones to smash him, claiming he had impeded on mineral rights and endangered shipping.

A cloaked man, hidden in the shadows of the great hall tapped him on the shoulder's and whispered in his ear. "My lord Dalvian sends a his regards and thanks you for the prizes his soldiers took from the planet. He wants you to know that the attack on your planet was not random. We were hired..and don't be fool enough to ask by who. Just know that a contract was put out on you and that it has been fullfilled."

Before Sped could ask any questions the man in the shadows was gone. Across the chambers Lord Dalvian smiled.
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-03-09 01:00:58
Third task

Lord Whisper took a sip of his manhattan as he listened to his favorite blues band and looked over a map of the galaxy he had stretched over a palace wall. Many rumored persisted that the map was made of enemy skins.

He saw the positions of Notorious, a band of powerfull nobles, as mere obstacles. They would not stand in his way for long. One day he would rule the high counceil. Notorious would be his servants. He smiled.

He stood very still. A blade was to his throat. "Shhh!!" he heard from behind him. "Be very quiet and you will sleep into your own bed tonight. Make a sound and you sleep on a slab of marble."

Lord Whisper thought this could be only one man. The assassin Dalvian spoke. "You know who I am. I'm here to assure you my promise has been kept. Much of that fleet you share with Lord Ilk has been destroyed. Your palace gaurd is dead. I've stolen from your treasuries and destroyed much of your industry." The dagger drew a tickle of blood.

"I'll let you live tonight. You even keep your seat on the council. Know this. I consider you punished. My contract is done. You can go in peace...for now."

In an instant Dalvian was gone.
Post by: sparkles(18049)
2005-03-09 18:36:21
* Scene Setting *

Somewhere inwards of the galatic core, deep within notorite controlled space.

A lone cruiser cut thru the deep darkness of space. Its captain alone and crew unsure. Captain Dealer Confederate ventured deep into certain death.

A meeting had been called, his allies had fled, he alone went to face the wraith of what lay beyond.

* Scene change*
Warning sounds, defense systems into code red, sheilds full.

"what the ...." Captain Dealer exclaims.

Too late, three notorite flagships appear in front of the conferates crusier. The cruiser halts, no point in running, notorites just love that.

* Hailing over Comm's *

"state your business in notorite space" Notorite commander
"I come in peace, i have... " Captain Dealer Confederate
"Peace is an illusion, prepare to be destroyed" Notorite commander.
"No, Wait, I have a meeting......" Captain Dealer Conferderate
"Authentication code" Notorite Commander
"Transmitting now" Captain Dealer Confederate

20 seconds later the warning systems on the crusier become overloaded. A notorite emperial battlestar removes its cloak. (Only notorites have seen such a awesome display of workmanship and power.)

Minutes later the lone cruiser is docked within the massive battlestar.......

Post by: ShadowKnight(13560)
2005-03-15 02:52:22
After many months away, in torment, I returned to the great world of the Dilly, intending to fight the Powerful Lord Philldodilldo for control. He had thrown me out many moons ago, for no reason that I could figure.
I set forth on my own, to carve a new place in history for myself, but the horrible nightmares would not allow me to sleep for more then minutes at a time. Blood curdling screams through the night, death and destruction, the second I close my eyes.
Word arrived one day that Lord Philldodilldo had indeed gone completely insane, and destroyed the planet, everything burning, and crumbling apart, and like so many before, he sat there and fiddled himself while Home burned.
I speed back to the world faster then possible, hoping that I could salvage something, or someone, but alas there was nothing left. The bodies of all the dilly armies lie in pools of colorless liquid, batteries lay everywhere.
I quickly sent word out to anyone that was driven away by the insane Lord Philldodilldo, but no one cared, no one wanted to save the proud Dilly nation, no one but me.
I sent word to anyone, and the Annoited heard my cries for help, he was new, but he was a great help, building the Great city from the ground up would have taken months upon months, or rounds upon rounds more accurately.
With round one complete, I have found myself standing in the wreckage of the city, but so much is going on now, Annointed has been so much help, and with a stray, Glory Hounds doing a little here and there we have made huge improvements already.
I have gotten word from a few empires that may be willing to help me in my cause, to help reform the great nations,
We shall see if things pan out or not, worse case Annoited and I will fight the good fight, side by side.
Post by: Omen(10371)
2005-03-16 07:48:00
Crazy (Shakes head). Just crazy people...

Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-04-01 20:23:32
The cell door opened with an ear-shattering slam against the stone walls. The gaurd stood back, looking in. A sliver of light illuinated a dirty face.

The villain shuffled forward. Shackles on his ankles. Shackles on his hands. His prison uniform was filthy, torn, and barely held together by the threads. A pile of rat bones littered the floor. The gaurd shook his head. This man had survived solitary longer than anyone.

Together they walked down the long hall. Together they left the great galactic prison, The great Oubliette. The place people are put to be forgotten.

At last an exit. Dalvian saw true light for the first time in an eternity. Freedom. He wasn't going back into that awfull place. An evil smile stretched across his face. This time he wouldn't get caught.

Post by: cajunman(67645)
2005-04-07 18:47:50
Lord Whisper summons his council for an emergency meeting..His faithful and true valiant warriors gather around the Chasten..A large round gold laden table with solid crystal trim..I have summoned you here for a reson..

Last night i was visited by the assasin himself..Dalvian. As his knife lay against my throat I realized for a short moment how volunerable I had become..How this warrior slipped through my elite guards I have no clue. But the fact remains..he was here..With a knife at my throat..

I have but one thing to say..I am personally leading the all out assault the Notorious Regime..I am personally going to slice each one of their throats by my own blade..

Then i will deal with Dalvian..He will learn why he fears the night. He will know a fear like no other..He will feel my rage like no other..

Lord Ilk prepare the men for battle..Lord Thrull pave a a road through their souls with your mighty fleet.And last but not least Lord X86..You can supply me with my fuel to destroy all those that dare cross my path..
Post by: sparkles(18049)
2005-04-08 21:52:21
Lord whisper accidentally presses the red self destruct button killing his ship, his crew, his fed members and himself. His famous last words were heard over an emergency frequency.

"iiiii liiiikkkkkkeeeeee hammmmmmsteeeerrrrrrs"
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