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Forum: SC General
Thread: How to defeat Notorious (Part 1)
Post by: RadicalG(52434)
2005-02-20 23:00:06
For this exercise you will need:

3 Oz Butter
1 Charge C4 Plastic Explosives
2 Tablespoons Sugar
30 Federation Magic Beans
A large man known only as "Caliban the immoral clown"
13 Marshmallows (to eat while recipe ferments)
Exilim's DNA
500 AP plus bonuses

Mix the butter with Exilim's DNA and cook with federation magic beans for 20 mins. While you do this, make Caliban the immoral clown eat the C4 explosive and offer him the 500 AP (keep the bonies 4 urself, you need them for scavenging). Now eat the marshmallows... mmmm... arent they tasty?? Now add the sugar to the butter DNA, and get Caliban to eat that as well.

Now, tell Notor that you've organised a special live showing of "Spart's greatest moments in SC history". Trust me, they'll fall for it (egotists the lot of em). Now, arrange for Caliban to arrive just as the C4 and sugar-butter-DNA curdle, and watch (and laugh, obviously) as Notor are reduced to a pile of ravaged building plants and Phil's now liquidised XP.

Obviously dont tell them about this, otherwise Exi might say no when u ask for a lock of his hair to go on your mantelpiece.
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2005-02-21 01:10:24
oh boy... movie night i wanna see sparts movie !!! where is it..???
Post by: sparkles(18049)
2005-02-21 05:13:37
ROFL, Cant wait for part II
Post by: Opacus Mortu(61923)
2005-02-22 05:27:53
Post by: RadicalG(52434)
2005-03-02 03:43:51
who said anything about a part 2, this could be part 1 of a 1 part entity kind of thing

having said that, part 2 coming soon!
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