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Forum: SC General
Thread: The winner of this rounds Guess who Karl is contest goes to..
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2005-11-29 12:10:37

2005-11-29 11:11:35 Skydive(13583)
lol - i win the who is karl today sweepstakes
2005-11-29 11:08:57 Dalvian(7968)
I have to go now. Next time try "multiple" attack and use "multiple" ships. You will find that usefull.
2005-11-29 11:08:33 DrPepper(18737)
she swallows
2005-11-29 11:08:23 DrPepper(18737)
i like your mama
2005-11-29 11:05:15 Dalvian(7968)
So do you like other men or little girls? I'm confused. Either way I'm sure you can find a catalog with pictures you like.
2005-11-29 11:04:13 DrPepper(18737)
but hes a pepper too
2005-11-29 11:03:40 DrPepper(18737)
oh cool.but i not pay he offer cause im so big so i say okay..he squeel like a little girl when i poke him in his (edited)
2005-11-29 11:02:48 Dalvian(7968)
No, thats a bonus. It's part of paid membership.
2005-11-29 11:02:39 DrPepper(18737)
he so good at it
2005-11-29 11:02:25 DrPepper(18737)
2005-11-29 11:02:06 DrPepper(18737)
oh then i have to stop phildodilldo from sucking my (edited) now?
2005-11-29 11:01:48 Dalvian(7968)
You get minerals by mining or by winning battles. I recomend the latter.
2005-11-29 11:01:27 Dalvian(7968)
You get money by taking your place in an Industrial age work force and by giving up your childhood dreams.
2005-11-29 11:01:12 DrPepper(18737)
where do you buy minerals
2005-11-29 11:00:52 DrPepper(18737)
where do I get money?
2005-11-29 11:00:34 Dalvian(7968)
You said tool.
2005-11-29 11:00:17 Dalvian(7968)
I was convicted too. Should I also bash noobs?
2005-11-29 10:59:55 Skydive(13583)
karl, you tool
2005-11-29 10:59:50 DrPepper(18737)
so i build 500 fighter and 500 ship sheilders
2005-11-29 10:59:36 Skydive(13583)
dalvian, you silly bint, you are not a n00b and since i was convicted in the kangaroo court i now must bash n00bs
2005-11-29 10:59:33 Dalvian(7968)
You will be fine until then. A few attacks will not hurt your chances of doing well.
2005-11-29 10:58:59 DrPepper(18737)
oh okay thankyou..then sheilder is a ship?
2005-11-29 10:58:48 Dalvian(7968)
Someone probably ate your fleet. Let your ap build and then build a new one for your next run up the board.
2005-11-29 10:57:53 DrPepper(18737)
what happen to all my ship .can i please join someone federation
2005-11-29 10:57:48 Dalvian(7968)
Bash me Sky. Bash me. Bash me like you mean it.
2005-11-29 10:57:19 Skydive(13583)
naaa, drpepper, your fleet was fine
2005-11-29 10:56:42 Dalvian(7968)
Bombers are better for attacking. Shielders for defence. Fighters are used as a screen. They are lost before capital ships are lost.
2005-11-29 10:56:38 DrPepper(18737)
maybe i try some other ships next time
2005-11-29 10:55:38 DrPepper(18737)
why he tell me to make so many fighter be better for attacking?
2005-11-29 10:55:21 Dalvian(7968)
I don't know if or what you did wrong. I would need more information to decide that.
2005-11-29 10:54:48 Dalvian(7968)
You gain 1 ap every 10 minutes or you can use the vote link to gain 100ap a day.
2005-11-29 10:54:05 DrPepper(18737)
I wont to attack anybody for a while. how do you get more action point
2005-11-29 10:53:15 DrPepper(18737)
hello did I do something wrong i had a player tell me what to make for ship
Post by: jddegraff(43958)
2005-12-05 01:20:58
2005-12-04 23:42:02 Doc(18871)
watch skydive
2005-12-04 23:41:18 Doc(18871)
nice work exicutioner
2005-12-04 23:40:42 Doc(18871)
oh spart is falling my bad
2005-12-04 23:39:21 Doc(18871)
okay good luck with that
2005-12-04 23:38:52 Dalvian(7968)
That's rolling in butter. It's good for the skin.
2005-12-04 23:38:40 Doc(18871)
2005-12-04 23:38:23 Doc(18871)
Im a doc so butter is very bad for you cholesterol
2005-12-04 23:37:42 Doc(18871)
oh you were rolling on floor laughing about butter..i didnt get it sorry
2005-12-04 23:37:00 Dalvian(7968)
Who said it was a joke?
2005-12-04 23:36:50 Doc(18871)
Are you a mental patient? why you like butter an inmate?
2005-12-04 23:36:36 Dalvian(7968)
You can rub it on your patience..that's if you have patience for such a menial task.
2005-12-04 23:36:10 Doc(18871)
what is funny about that?
2005-12-04 23:35:54 Dalvian(7968)
You can have a big tub of butter if you want.
2005-12-04 23:35:07 Doc(18871)
some greeting you guys Corona no nothing
2005-12-04 23:34:55 Dalvian(7968)
ROFLIB....Sentires threatened to have my butter impounded. That's just mean.

CHAT - Start position = 21
2005-12-04 23:34:29 Doc(18871)
i have 9 messies from the game all from Troja and one welcome to space conquest lol
2005-12-04 23:32:31 Doc(18871)
You can help Exilimn take down snakeapus I mean spartapus
2005-12-04 23:31:50 Doc(18871)
i come back up so you can fight me again Troja
2005-12-04 23:30:22 Doc(18871)
i have hope to help you Troja ..why your score not go up?
2005-12-04 23:28:53 Doc(18871)
i have for time to be in town do you get more attack points?
2005-12-04 23:28:00 Doc(18871)
you can kill my ships but I will kill you too later
2005-12-04 23:27:03 Doc(18871)
be gentle i just start today..i dont know how to play yet
2005-12-04 23:15:03 Skydive(13583)
karl, you tool
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