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Forum: SfP Newbies
Thread: Not too bright at this but just wanna know
Post by: slangi(11441)
2005-05-11 08:26:10
firstly how bad did i screw up with my opening 5

Dwarven Warrior
Human Ranger
Hobbit Rogue
Elven Healer
Elven Magus

now as far as dungeons i know of kobold and goblins for training but isn't there any more beginner dungeons? trying to make a good list of locations so i know what to do when ive got about 8 cities so far been using coaches and stuff. This about covers all my questions I'm letting the ap build up so i can get in some good training one day just want to be ready for when I actually do make a strive for power.
Post by: Wolverine(1)
2005-05-11 17:45:25
There is many theories on what party is the best and such.

Every party can survive in the game but of course some are harder than others.

In the beginning healers and warriors and the most importent but later it is probably not so.

Post by: slangi(11441)
2005-05-11 21:21:52
thanks peter It seems to be working so far I mightve stumbled onto a bizarre balance just won't have it as easy as other parties eh?
Post by: FloriZeus(7923)
2005-05-11 23:31:11
Hmm yes. Well I say check out the player pages, most dungeons are listed there I believe.

As for your party, it seems ok save that you might need a bit more backbone(ie more warriors) but you can buy them later too. Besides that you need at least one mage, and probably a second healer later on.

But as Peter said, everything can work out. Some combinations are harder than others but that doesn't make them less enjoyable(on the contrary!).
Post by: Mad Bear(46310)
2005-05-27 04:46:26
Best ranger is a Dwarven Ranger!!
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