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Forum: SfP Newbies
Thread: Book of Strength lore?
Post by: Nanoek(57039)
2005-01-25 23:57:03
Some of the items you can find in the dungeons seem to be quite rare - for example, 'books' are not listed as a class in the multi sell drop down list. A mage in Flogiston identified it for me as a 'Book of Strength lore', which enthralled me until I realised that it didn't help me one little bit. I cannot equip it, I cannot 'use' it... Could it be an item that someone has lost? Who can help me?

While I'm busy asking questions, I'll ask another: does anyone know what the spell 'Improved movement' does? You see, I've got a wand that gives me that power, and when I use it on one of my party members, it increases his movement; but what does that mean??

Hope someone more experienced than me can help me out here!
Post by: Wytch(37728)
2005-01-26 06:18:18
The Books of Lore (One for each stat, I Believe) are for a Quest. I think you have to collect them all, but I'm not sure.

The spell Improve movement causes the cost of moving from one square to the next to go down. But here's the Important part, You have to cast it on the Character with the Highest Load stat in the "Calculated Stat" area. That's how the AP cost of moving from one square to the next is calculated, By the Character with the Highest Load. It Temporarily decreases the Load. For the Best Results, you should cast the spell on all characters you ahve with a High Load number.
Post by: FloriZeus(7923)
2005-01-26 06:42:00
Books of Lore - Quest can be completed at Tzu Marr War College(New World - Middle of Vulcano).

Strength, Endurance, Agility, Melee, Missile, Shield and Armor.
Post by: Nanoek(57039)
2005-01-26 19:08:08
Thanks for your answers! I've found a second book now, which means I've 5 more to go - unless it's possible to find more than 1 of the same book... :(
I haven't been to the New World yet; do you think it's useful for non-paying members? Also, is Tzu Marr open to them?

By the way, is there any advantage to joining an alliance? I can't find useful information about this anywhere.
Post by: waloo(293130)
2007-05-26 18:30:43
i want some cheats for strive for power
Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2007-11-13 21:21:38
Oh my...

Why didn't you just ask all of this in the chat?
You can have an unlimited amouth of books ;)
I happen to be looking for the agility lore, as i have doubles of all the others.

The entire new world (including tsu mar) is only accessable for donators, but there are many donators willing to go to the new world and collect your reward though.

And about the alliance, it allows you to store many many items and take out items from your collegues. Items they no longer need and put in the Alliance Building are available for you to use ;)

And i have all the cheats for SfP available.
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