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Forum: SfP Newbies
Thread: Need Spell Help
Post by: Wytch(37728)
2005-01-18 01:43:50
Ok, I have had good luck buying spell scrolls from other people and I have a Full complement of all the Newb spells and then some for my Magus. I decided to go in and reset the spell settings and I have screwed it up it seems.
I have 2 Healers and one Magus. I want One of the Healers to Heal mostly, the second healer should heal and cast the occasional Holy wrath. My Magus I want to cast Magic ball on large groups, acid bolt on small group ( I have worked Fire bolt higher, but I wanted to have different bolts raised, is this a good idea or bad?) I also have Lightning bolt, lightning ball, fighting sword and all the Skill buffs (all of em)
What I need is any suggestions and maybe a tutorial on how to write a decent Spell usage list
Post by: FloriZeus(7923)
2005-01-18 15:12:37
Firstly, don't set combat settings for imp and bless spells.
Secondly, Holy Wrath is not worth the mp, but if you want to use it you can.

Below, a list of what you should enter (not uniform but as an example).

(definitions: #Character #Priority # Minimum Opponents # Monster ID # Magic Use)

Magus 100 4 M0 Magic Ball
Magus 50 1 M0 Acid Bolt (although I would advise the better bolt skill you have to use, since you will never be able to cast two bolts in one fight :), personally, if you want to use another bolt than fire, pick Lightning, one drawback for LB: higher MP/SC cost)

Healer 1 100 1 Heal
Healer 2 100 1 Heal
Healer 2 50 2 Holy Wrath

This way, H1 will always heal if there is a char that has more damage than your minimum damage for healing. If there is no char to be healed, he will heal none. H2 will do the same, but if there is no char he will cast the Holy Wrath.

Remember, older characters act in magic phase first.

I hope this is helpful.
Post by: Wytch(37728)
2005-01-19 13:24:38
Thanks. Yep, helped a bit. Main reason I was thinking of raising a second bolt skill, was I wasn't sure if I might fight Monsters that are Fire resistant later. And since I'm mowing over Orcs atm, figured it was a good time to raise it.
Is Fighting sword worth the casting?
And the reason I wanted the second Healer to wrath occasionally, was again. Orcs are pretty easy right now.When I hit harder Mobs soon, both healers will be just that.
The Improve and Bless spells I have been doing out of combat ( not much, but occasionally to get the skill ups before training)
Post by: Wytch(37728)
2005-01-19 13:30:55
Heck, Might as well list my spells. See if anyone else has any suggestions.
Fire Bolt
Acid Bolt
Lightning Bolt
Magic Missiles
Lightining ball
Magic Ball
All the Imp. Spells
Mass Paralysis
Town Portal
Fighting Sword
Post by: FloriZeus(7923)
2005-01-19 18:51:43
There are no such things as elemental resistances.

You're capability to withstand magic attacks depends on magic, divinity, magic defence skills (and maybe class for some classes). Thus Fire Bolt at level 80 and Acid Bolt at level 80 will hurt a fire sprite(if they exist) for about the same damage.
Post by: FloriZeus(7923)
2005-01-19 18:52:29
However, in this game elemental affinity is more often seen in the offensive spells they use(like Fire Elementals using Fire Bolts, Earth Elementals using Acid Bolt)...

Post by: cajunman(67645)
2005-01-23 00:44:12
how do you get gold
Post by: Wytch(37728)
2005-01-23 10:47:15
Thanks FloriZeus, Very useful info. I now have a historical record in Fire bolt for my Mage. Orc crushing has been easy, I might want to consider moving on soon.

Cajunman, all I can say is at the start keep everything the Mobs drop and sell it , even if it's for a couple of gold. That adds up at the start. Make sure you have one charcter that has a decent Haggling skill and up it with the Imp. Haggling spell if you happen to have it. Train AFTER you sell stuff so you get skill ups.

But the best money maker I have right now, is go to one of the dungeons ( Kobold is easiest, goblins after that, then orcs. more later) Kill, Kill, Kill. collect the ears. You can collect 100s to 1000s of the ears depending on how long you stay in a dungeon. when you leave, find the nearest town that gives a quest reward for the ears. It's always 5 gold per ear. 300 orc ears will get you 1500 gold at South mountain city for example
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