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Forum: SfP General
Thread: Weird combat
Post by: Serrote(89849)
2005-07-12 14:20:55
i had been fighting inside orc cave and i was without action points so i went to bonuses to gain some points ...after a while i had to relog..i got back and for my surprise i had lost my healer and my magus what the heck is this ?? i play for quite a while and this never hapened is this a bug ?? i searched for their items and havent found them..can anyone explain me ?
Post by: Doug the Designer(55)
2005-07-13 02:48:53
1) If you signed the book of blood, a player party came and attacked you.

2) You lost your characters on your last orc combat and didn't notice it.

3) It could be an exotic bug that no one has discovered yet.

Since you didn't seem to get an email notification about #1, it was probably #2. #3 would be really bizarre, so unless you have proof that your characters existed before you logged, or it happens again, I think we can rule this out.
Post by: Serrote(89849)
2005-07-13 13:43:21
1-no i havent signed the book of blood
2-yes i had a combat and didnīt lost any of them i got out of action points to train and i went to gain some more but...(i was playing at work and i took a while till i get back again to train )
i reloged and moved one step to fight some orcs and they were not there and i didn got any spoils from them on both squares
Post by: Doug the Designer(55)
2005-07-13 21:51:21
Did you have their strength/constitution/health boosted with spells at the time?
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