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Forum: SfP General
Thread: Paid time about to expire....
Post by: raynbow(16237)
2005-02-17 22:33:45
Well, it looks like my paid time is about to expire.

And like alot of recent SfP players, I'm not sure I'm going to renew.

There hasn't been any work done on the game in ages, and it doesn't look like there's anything but the vaguest of the vague plans for anything in the future.

I know VoW is the big money game here. But alot of us like the other games as well. AF, SC, and SfP seem to all be lacking in attention. And SfP is the only game that you really cannot play after a certain point if you aren't a donater.

I'm just not sure I want to send any more money off to get put into VoW, when I know all I have left to look forward to in SfP is the last two levels of astral, and a long wish list.

Post by: Doug the Designer(55)
2005-02-17 23:36:10
The perception that VOW gets more attention is a misnomer: It is also being ignored. I understand completely where you are coming from, and your points are valid. If the current state of SfP no longer amuses you, I agree that you shouldn't renew your subscription.

To everyone else: I want to separate wishes from reality here. The reality is that unless Peter gets some grand inspiration, all the games will remain almost exactly as they are now for the forseeable future. I have some ideas for new AF levels, but they require code changes to implement, so I'm not getting my hopes up that they will ever see the light of day. If the only reason you are holding onto your SfP subscriptions is out of the vague hope that things will change, the odds are not in your favor.

Why am I saying this? Because I believe that long term (in years), things will change, and I think that PLIT has a better chance of getting back players if they were let down easy now, as opposed to spending their money out of hope and then leaving in disgust. This is my opinion only and is not official. Peter can always be struck with inspiration and start producing like a fiend tomorrow.

This is what is to be expected when 90% of the burden lies on the shoulders of one person. Motivation wanes, priorities shift, and real life sometimes beckons. So do I think that within the next 2-3 years Peter will have a major creative/productive PLIT comback? Yes. Do I think it will happen this year? No (unless they don't ask him back after his 6-month period). Just my opinion. However, I don't want to discourage SfP II discussions, as whatever comes from that will be useful eventually.
Post by: raynbow(16237)
2005-02-17 23:39:39
I appreciate your honesty. With what you said in mind, I think I probably will let my paid time elapse. It's been fun here, and no hard feelings.

I absolutely agree that it's understandable for other priorities to take over Peter's life.

I just think that once you ask people to put money down, they have a right to expect a little more in return.

My one suggestion would be that, if possible, you open up a bit more of SfP to non paying players. That might at least attract a few more people to that game for a while.
Post by: Nanoek(57039)
2005-02-18 22:51:18
Raynbow's last suggestion is a good one. You could make it more attractive for non-donators by opening up, let's say, the Gnoll dungeon and Ancient Castle; I guess these two are the most appealing to me.

You need not open them up right away - it might even be smart to inform players that once they've been in 3000 monster fights, the Gnoll dungeon will become available, and that AC will open her gates after 5000 monster combats. This will keep non-donating players playing for a long time, since there will be visible rewards for staying active.

That's my two cents for now!
Post by: FloriZeus(7923)
2005-02-19 02:17:29
Why the Gnolls? Gnolls are peaceful's already bad that some donators kill gnolls, now you want non-donators to do that either?

Hmm, as for opening dungeons, it could be an option that for a party that has paid once, all dungeons will be open forever. Ie, the case of rainbow, she will not renew her donation, in the current situation she can only do (as far as I know) Kobolds, Goblins, Orcs and Lizards, which is useless for a party that has spent over 500000 aps.

Besides, I think Nanoek is right that maybe a selection of dungeons could be opened. But enough as that non-donators will not bump against a ceiling because they cannot move on.

As for which dungeons I'd say: open up two of the four medium dungeons for non-donators, open Meriniver(since it would be mean to open AC, and then keep Meriniver closed so they will not be able to get their rewards save through the help of other parties). And make everything in the NW open for everyone. It will still be a lot harder for a non-donator to get there, or maybe formulate it better: it will logically take five times more time. So a non-donation party wanting to go to the NW might well need over a year of fighting in the OW.

Secondly, I also am seriously doubting whether I will renew my payment, (it will run out in may). I don't really play gangwar, nor sc. And in SfP I have, like rainbow, reached a certain level of boredom, I have recently found a new challenge by recruiting three new chars, but that is going quite fine too. By may, all three my VOW wrestlers will probably retire, and after playing the game through, I have no need for double ap or two extra wrestlers. So, I still (will) play most of the games but there are no strong reasons for me to hold on to my donation. The only personal drawbacks for me will be that my AF char's maximum energy skill will be worthless, since there's a cap for non-donators and the fact that in SfP I will not have access to dungeons that I want to visit (and in addition, over 600k aps that will flow away ;)).
However, if something magical might happen between now and may, then I will eagerly redonate since I feel that 5 euro (or six dollar) per month is not that terrible.
To quote DougtheDesigner: "It means that you'll eat one BigMac less per month." (apologies to fast-food haters and BigMacAddicts)


Post by: TrickytotheMaximus(8206)
2005-02-19 06:25:36
Let's not scare away the new users.

PLIT is a fun set of games that will keep you entertained for a good 12-18 months. Then, you wear them out.

You think that doesn't happen in the giant MMORPGS? Of course it does. Happens with Scrabble and Monopoly too. It's got a good bang for the buck, in my opinion.

Do hope Peter gets the time and inclination to do it all again some day, and many many thanks for once having the courage to quit your day job and build us this entertaining playground.
Post by: Wolverine(1)
2005-02-21 19:14:44
Hi Guys (and girls ?),

Doug is right, there simply is not enough hours in the day to keep making new features for 5 games and make a living at the same time.

I have no plans of giving up these games and of course hate to see players leave. I do however understand why players leave and just hope everyone will look back now and then and say hi on the chat :)

I will develop new features for the games slowly, mostly when Doug forces me to do some smaller changes he really wants :)

SfP have not been modified for a long time because it is a monster. Have done some small changes now and then but changing the more fundamental buggy things in SfP is very time consuming and therefore keeps being pushed back in the ever growing todo list.

SfP needs to be made in version 2, like we did with VOW. Learn from the current game and then create a new one where we change what does not work that good. This is too big a mouthful at the moment.

The status at the moment is that I have a 6 month contract with Nokia and that takes alot of time. Especially the first few weeks have been hard :) No more staying up half the night and getting up at noon.

Post by: Bret Hart(73101)
2005-02-22 06:41:42
You know what? I had to come in here to appluade Douglas. I don't know you, but the other game that I played totally lied to us all to get more money. I think that's very honorable of you.
Post by: Kubala(25078)
2005-03-04 22:19:07
I agree completely, that's why we're still here. No smoke and mirrors
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