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Forum: SfP General
Thread: Don't be silly........
Post by: TrickytotheMaximus(8206)
2005-02-10 01:41:04
Combat between gang(17378) and Maximus(6277)
Defender is hidden from attacker after the combat
Attackers Magical Phase
Defenders Magical Phase
Flash casts Power Fire Bolt for 7 MP
amy(123753) is damaged for 289 Hp.
michelle(123755) is damaged for 261 Hp.
Brute3 casts Acid Bolt
amy(123753) is damaged for 92 Hp.
Sparky casts Power Ice Bolt for 7 MP
hoola(123757) is damaged for 242 Hp.
rebecca(123754) is damaged for 259 Hp.
Hawkeye casts Mass Paralyse
hoola(123757) is paralysed.
rebecca(123754) is paralysed.
juliet(123756) is paralysed.
Attacker fatally hit:
amy(123753) died !
rebecca(123754) died !
michelle(123755) died !
hoola(123757) died !
Attackers Missile Phase
Defenders Missile Phase
Bones(40385) hits juliet(123756) for 47 Hp
Flash(40386) hits juliet(123756) for 19 Hp
Brute3(40507) hits juliet(123756) for 1 Hp
Brute4(40630) hits juliet(123756) for 34 Hp
Sparky(41321) hits juliet(123756) for 19 Hp
Brute2(42005) hits juliet(123756) for 47 Hp
Hawkeye(46451) hits juliet(123756) for 9 Hp
Attacker fatally hit:
juliet(123756) died !


(some loot might be from your own dead characters)
Attacker flees
Hawkeye(46451) finds 1 Battle Axe
Hawkeye(46451) finds 1 Chain Mail
Hawkeye(46451) finds 255 Gold
Brute4(40630) finds 1 Short Bow
Brute4(40630) finds 1 Leather Vest
Brute4(40630) finds 5 Gold
Hawkeye(46451) finds 1 Dagger
Hawkeye(46451) finds 1 Leather Vest
Hawkeye(46451) finds 0 Gold
Bones(40385) finds 1 Mace
Bones(40385) finds 1 Leather Vest
Bones(40385) finds 0 Gold
Hawkeye(46451) finds 3 Hermic Root
Hawkeye(46451) finds 4 Demunga Flower
Hawkeye(46451) finds 6 Wizart Fungus
Hawkeye(46451) finds 7 Moonlight Moss
Hawkeye(46451) finds 6 Sunshine Flower
Hawkeye(46451) finds 7 Mountain Grass
Hawkeye(46451) finds 7 Bluetooth Stilk
Hawkeye(46451) finds 6 Mystic Mushroom
Hawkeye(46451) finds 0 Gold
Post by: Mad Bear(46310)
2005-02-10 05:41:57
I think they wanted you to be bogged down with waste and spend AP selling it, =)
Post by: Nanoek(57039)
2005-02-10 19:08:33
Wouldn't it be grand for a brand new party to beat the great Maximus and obtain all those fabulous items!
Of course, there is the slight difficulty of lack of warfare experience...
But hey, this party 'gang' consists of a bunch of girlies, and "who knows," they think, "perhaps it's our lucky day! Let's try it anyway!"
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