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Forum: SfP General
Thread: Game Status
Post by: Wolverine(1)
2006-10-14 18:13:53
20061014 Changed the rules about having more than 1 party for donating members. Now every donating member can have 2 parties at no extra cost.

20060219 Added the ability for alliance leaders to throw out members.

20041123 There is now a maximum of how much you can train your skill, scores and spells at the different training places. This maximum can be different from training place to training place. Rangers and rogues combat abilities have been modified. Various modification to how fast natural training chances happen.

20040610 New combat setting, your healers can now wait longer before casting heal in combat. From now on casting a bless or improve spell cancels any privious cast bless or improve spells on the same character.

20040520 Added several new target options for spell casting. Including front row, back row, different classes and such.

20040517 A new database locking system is implemented. The main effect of this is that parties does not have to wait for one order to complete before the next order starts. There have also been a few situations where the game hangs for a few minutes, this should also be gone now.

20040510 From the alliance building you can now send a message to all alliance members.

20040420 When you click the leave alliance button you will now get a confirm dialog.

20040415 The game just got one third bigger in some areas. I have just added 6 new areas for the strongest parties. The new areas consists of 10000 new locations and around 100 new monster types.

20040414 Potions removed from Combat Settings - Magic Use In Combat since it makes no sense to use the potions before nessesary. Magnus's note: Also made ore group-sortable, and frost and hill giants now give teeth.

20040305 Multiple attack and damage bonus possibilities implemented for monsters and players.

20040303 Another major combat speed optimation.

20040301 Fixed so you can't add items with non combat spells in 'Magic use in Combat'. Optimized the combat system, there was a rather bad piece of code which made the game hang/lag when someone attacked very big number of opponents.

20040226 You can buy a additional 20000 Ap for 30 US$.

20040210 Player contributed manual online at

20040127 Fixed a bug in the sell and transfer orders between parties which could lead the receiving party suddenly having many more of the transferred item than was transferred.

20031203 Chat system added. It can be moved or disabled from the account settings link in the master account screen.

20031110 A red message will now appear in the top of the left menu when you have unread messages.

20030908 There have been some problems sending emails to '' addresses. This is because aols spam filter thinks that the activation mails are spam. So for now please use a non-aol email address. You can always send a mail to me and I will try to help you out if you have problems joining the game.

20030902 New forum system added, the old forums will be deleted.

20030901 When you restart your party the number of monster and player combats and the number of quests done will be set to 0. Server Time is displayed on the GameStatus page. 'Do Nothing' option added to magic use in combat function. Added a new special jobs feature where you can get a reward from people from getting them various objects. Moved around the game menu alot to make it more logical and take up less space.

20030828 Actual spell point cost is now shown under show party spells. The current hp/mp layout under location commands have been changed.

20030827 You will now encounter monster groups/player parties when going through a portal, entering a dungeon or travelling. The create area feature now have a show area function also. Added email verification field. Finished 4 more newbie areas.

20030825 Added a create map feature so players now can suggest new dungeons, castles, whatever areas you feel like. Spell point cost shown in combat. When attacking a group you do not re-encounter the same group.

20030821 Added special graphics which is shown when you enter special locations. Added statistics for quests completed, player and monster combats, these are also added to the overall ranking list. Attack and teleport functions have been modified when there is more than one group in the target area.

20030819 In show party - equipment there is now a coloum showing known magical effects of items. Changed the vote site system, see the bonus ap link, also modified free party ap gain.

20030818 Gathering herbs and rumors now have a 'number-box' so you can do the action multiple times in one click. Char Health status information added to the location commands page. Starting Magus and Healer chars now have default 'Magic use in Combat' orders. Multi sell order fixed so it will not stop when you can't sell a item. Search for party option in the message system.

20030814 Chat server added

20030811 The game have been reset. All parties have been deleted. Privious paying players can write me with their new and old party name to get their pay status restored. Alot of rule changes have been implemented, including but not limited to Score/Spell/Skill advangement changes, Treasures, Notoriety, Color coding, Spell point cost, Book of blood/hide party/player combat, Historical ranking lists.

20030628 Our privious sponsor have desided to stop their vps servers. I have found a new sponsor and the games are now moved. Sorry about all the inconvinience this may have caused. Enjoy

20030609 Alliance buildings can now only be build in cities.

20030528 I had to recover a backup today due to a program/database crash. 9 hours of play ing have been lost, SORRY.
20030511 Shop content in the New world changed. Changed some of the new spells to only work in combat. You can now equip wands and potions, the only effect of this is that equipped items are not pooled when you use the item pool commands. Deleting a sell order now costs 1 AP instead of 10. Fixed bug in uniq items that made some missile weapons give unusable skill bonusses. You can now find uniq items which can cast some of the 10 new spells. Weapon for unarmed use added. In the sell item menu equipped items now have a * infront of their name. Temporary spell effects are no longer cumulative. This means that only the best boost spell is effecting you. Multi sales feature implemented.

20030416 Fix bug in Teleport spell in dungeons.

20030415 Fixed bug in unarmed skill. Now you will raise in it when used.

20030413 Haggling skill effect reduced. Fighters can no longer use wands in combat. Added some party activity information to the game status page.

20030410 Fixed som map errores here and there. Rumors are now alittle less precise. Risk levels of 0 are not overwritten by the default levels. Special training locations added.

20030409 You characters will now quaff a healing potion if they receive a fatal blow.

20030408 Fixed a bug in the mails sent when you transfer stuff. Fixed coach system in the old world so all cities have coaches/boats.

20030407 Modified how much you have to use some skills to get a chance to raise in them. Hp of some powerful monsters reduced. Fixed bug in curses spells effects on scores.

20030406 Spelling and grammar fixed. Alot of new areas added.

20030404 Fixed bug in the hide party spell. Now you should actually be out of danger and invisible if you are hidden. You cannot attack in cities even if you are hostile. You will now start with 10000 action points and not 500 when you create a new party. Cities in townportal is now sorted alphabetically. Fixed Item sort when casting identify. Load formula modified. Action points for non paying parties is reduced, see donations page.

20030404 Spelling and grammar corrected. Added picture for tower of flogiston and modified swamp picture.

20030403 Some areas only respawn if they have no active parties. You now die when you have 0 hp left, not below 0 as before.

20030403 The game is now running at a new server. Check the sponsor link for the good news.

20030402 Non paying parties will be blocked before paying parties when the server load is too high.

20030402 Spell casting now cost 3 ap. Fixed bug in curse spells. Effect of heal spells reduced. Graphical map introduced.

20030331 Spelling/Grammar corrected. Pool spell components now only pools spellcomponents. Link from show party, new messages to the message system. I have recreated the magic items since there was alot of bugs, this should not have any sideeffects I hope. Sell order now costs 1 ap. Monster guards and archers have reward parts again. Recruitment prices are changed.

20030331 Speed optimization done. The game now run under mod_perl which hopefully makes it faster. Also various stuff will now be cashed which also should improve speed.

20030328 When you equip a item you will learn what improves. Added more areas. Recreated all monsters, sorry if this affected anyone, had to modify some of the monster generation functions and database.

20030327 Bug in deleting 'Magic use in Combat' orders have been corrected. There is some situations where you gather rumors you will get 'Rumors Heard :' and nothing more. This is because you hear a rumor about a unimplemented feature, will be fixed in the next update of areas. Game status page with various game information added. Fixed error in new area monster generation.

20030327 Shows alliance membership under show party. Added some settings, you can make your email public knowledge and you can make a 100 characters description of your party. Added new area. New areas are only open to paying parties, the charge for paying will be 10 US$ for 90 days. When 10 players have paid I will invest the money in a profesionel webhotel.

20030326 Spelling/grammar corrected. Alliances added, features: alliance buildings, deposit and withdraw from buildings, join, leave, vote for leader.... Raised recruitprice to 2500 gold.

20030326 Items are now order by type so all weapons are first, then armour... in the various lists. Improved the char equipment list format. Pool non magic items does not pool monsterparts. You can now also pool spell components.

20030325 Temples added here and there. Magic use in combat have gotten a better format. Orders for selling and transferring stuff to other parties have been implemented. Various spelling/gramma fixed.

20030324 Various minor bugs and spelling errors corrected. Paralyse spell fixed.

20030321 Rumors implemented, now the basic engine is done. I will now invest some time in the moderator functionality and then make more areas and the new building types.

20030321 Added special quest feature, you can find one in the old world. More will be added later. Warriors did not gain class xp and was therefore not much better fighters than anyone else ;(

20030320 Unique magic items/artifacts implemented. A mage in The Old World is identifying items for a price.

20030320 I think I have managed to make the show spells in the show party menu work much faster. Let me know if it works for everybody now.

20030320 Found a forum bug which made some messages appear in a wrong thread if there was another thread with the same name. Corrected in all games. Wand bug corrected, the game thought wands was potions and choose the targets and number of targets all wrong. Also corrected a potion bug, now potion can only be used on yourself in combat. Camp and rest feature implemented.

20030319 Ip blocking is TEMPORARILY removed. It might make it again but until I have considered it some more I will leave it off.

20030319 Dungeons added. Please check it out and comment in the forum. The dungeon can be found in a hill in the forrest in the center of the map. It is probably a good idea to enter with MaxRetreatLevel% set fairly high.

20030319 Corrected spelling and grammar. Fixed so retreat levels, attitudes and such is also removed when you delete your party.

20030318 In the cities you can now rest in inns. Some anti multiplayer security have been added. This includes email verification and loging of ip addresses. Also players playing from the same IP will have to wait an hour to be able to log on the game. I am sorry that this is nessesary but since I have problems with multiplayers in my other games I have to do something.

20030318 Various micro management commands implemented. Pool/Share gold, share spellcomponents between mages, pool monster body parts/non magic items/magic identified items/magic unidentified items.

20030317 DOH - unfortunately I deleted the forum database also when I reinitialised the game, sorry.

20030317 All parties deleted because there was a major database update. Fixed plate armour so it uses plate skill and not chain skill. Monster retreat levels modified. Sprite and Pixie magic reduced slightly. Hp and Mp regain speed reduced. Monster treasure reduced. If error in char names a half party will not be created. Alittle more speed optimation for show party - show spells, don't know how much it will give. Max and Start retreat level default values is not 0 anymore. Fixed so you can't wield a two hand weapon and use a shield at the same time. More logical sorting of groups in view in the Location Commands page. Identify spells will not allways succed, for the most powerful items you will need a very good mage.

20030315 Alot of speed improvement, everything seems to be running alot better now. Destroyed parties will automatically go to the make party page. Item Management modified so it shows the page again after something have been done. Fixed a error in the travel function, now you can actually use the boats and coaches. Corrected the Elf -5 agility to -5 endurance.

20030313 Removed impossible move links from map. Transfer/sell/quest orders will transfer all you have if you specify a higher number of items than you have. All Char lists should no be sorted the same way. You will now be able to train in endurance if you have used enough action points travelling. Gold is show in the buy template. Fixed so you get the money from defeated chars. Fixed combat healing spell bug.

20030313 After some initial speed problems the game seems to be running much more smoothly now. The visible changes is the show party command which now is split up some more. The Location Command section will only show all options from the link in the menu to the left. I also added the monster parts you can get rewards for here and there, forgot them in the first version. Default value for sell and buy orders is now one. If you try to sell more items than you have you will sell all you have. Now the part of the page that is allways the same is sent to the browser before the prossing starts, this hopefully will stop some browsers from resending the request.

20030312 Beta version of game is online. I might delete all parties before the real game starts if nessesary.
Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2006-10-16 06:49:25
i prolly can't reply to this, but...


you're the best!
Post by: FloriZeus(7923)
2006-11-11 06:40:09
lol... this change earlier would have saved me 50 $ ;) but nice anyway
Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2006-11-14 01:30:27
Lol, zeuske. You can't win if you don't try ;)
Post by: FloriZeus(7923)
2006-11-16 17:11:51
Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2006-11-16 18:27:27
I tried asking peter to change the rule, and waited till it would happen to make me second party.
You didn't try asking, right?

'een "neen" heb je, een "ja" kan je krijgen', zei men lerares in de lagere school altijd, lol...
Post by: FloriZeus(7923)
2006-11-16 23:04:51
Aaah, perhaps... but I asked a lot of other things of Peter. There are limits, don't you think?
Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2006-11-17 00:34:49
Yeah... limits... right ;)
I did want to ask how the baby was doing, but you're right, there are limits indeed :D
Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2009-12-08 11:30:43

Game Status is down.
"Strive for Power respawning monsters - try again in 30 seconds"-message has been up for the past half houre or so.

Since Peter is fixing things anyway, have look :D
Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2009-12-08 13:57:24
it still is :)
Post by: The Legend Killer(21778)
2009-12-08 15:10:49
Still is...
Post by: suepahfly(59692)
2009-12-11 10:22:23
It be up now, mon!
yey! Now we can all enjoy "not playing" it again :)
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