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Thread: Closing the Tavern - the Minstrel's farewell tour
Post by: provost(25123)
2005-11-21 18:52:23
Having achieved a milestone of 1,000 player Combats, filling a Book of Blood all of our own, it's time to sit back on the porch and let younger musicians take their place a-wandering about. Apart from one last roam about the World, the Travelling Minstrels will be hanging up their instruments.

It seems a good time to talk about the Book of Blood, of which the Minstrels have a better understanding than most. Despite decorating its pages quite liberally, the BoB is, in my opinion, a broken abomination that should be removed, or at least heavily amended.

The AP-dependant game structure means that the imbalance between parties will never be corrected, which in turn means that those senior parties who have signed the BoB will always reign supreme - the gap between the top five parties and the next five parties is enormous and in no real danger of closing (unless a party goes seriously inactive a while).

The nature of the game is such that the attacker will always have the advantage - they get to make sure all their Enhance spells are active, they're fully healed, options set correctly etc, while the defender may be stuck overnight with whatever options he had last. Sure, a resting party could buff up every night before logging off, but the AP to fully buff and heal every time would make it impossible to actually get anything done in-game.

A few suggestions:

1) PvP attacks cannot be initiated in towns. Maybe the Town Guard keeps the peace, but this gives players somewhere safe to rest and mioght give some incentives to not camp overnight in Dungeons waiting for re-spawns.

2) Let players buy out of the BoB, at the same cost as recruiting another character. This makes it expensive to buy out later when you have a big party. Make this cost a permament addition, and cumulative, so a party of 6 who has bought out of the BoB twice before now counts as being a party of 8 for both future buy-outs and future recruiting. That should be a decent enough disincentive to stop parties signing it, attacking and then buying out.

3) Grade the book based on either the number of characters in the party, total AP spent, or cumulative character scores or whatever - Book of Blood, Book of Mayhem, Book of Slaughter or whatever. You can only attack someone in the same "Book", much like the VOW leagues.

Anyways, in passing into my retirement, I'd like to pass a big thanks to those who helped the Minstrels along the way. Ducks, wandering green-grocer that you are, you rock!
Post by: FloriZeus(7923)
2005-11-27 06:47:06
Nice post Minstrels...I believe I gave you my goodbye ingame.

:) (that's mean, don't you think?)
Post by: provost(25123)
2006-01-25 16:37:49
Alrighty, I'm gone. I've been lingering around for a while, but it seems my efforts at trusting others have been thrown back in my face, so it's good bye from the Travelling Minstrels.

I have no possessions or gold, but if you've signed the Book of Blood and are after an easy kill, come get me.
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