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Thread: VOW.PUN.PL E-Federation!
Post by: Spazmbite(439646)
2014-06-25 23:34:03
Hello Everybody!

I am here today because I would like to invite you to my new project E​​-Fed Virtual Online Wrestling. Yes, the name is the same as here, because the E-Fed will be based on the original The only difference is that on my website will be more based on gimnicks, feuds etc. I think it's a cool way for the association of a large number of fans and create together an interesting community. I'm really care about this project, so I want you to help me and together we created something so great! If you want this as much as I do, then sign up and play to with me and the rest of the people who join together with you! Here you have the link:

For now also be patient, because there is a forum for only a few days, but very fast growing! Missing is a only the new players who would like to stay here longer!

Come on, Join, Play, Win!
Post by: Nacho Man(328076)
2015-03-06 11:44:11
You come here to advertise? LOL.
I'm necroposting but who cares?
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