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Thread: Best e-mail ever
Post by: W0lfpack(162005)
2006-01-29 05:57:34
Me, a 14 years old kid got this email


i came across your
company profile in the Internet in my intensive search
for a reliable
person to initiate this business transaction with. I am Dr.
Haliko , the Foreign Operations Director, Credit Bank Benin. I seek
your personal consent to coordinate this motive.

THE FUND: An Iranian
Expatriate, an Oil Consultant and Gold Mine Merchant
(Mr. Ahmed Yusuf)
banked with us US$12.5M and a Job Completion Certificate
from Federal
Ministry of Works, Benin Republic. With this, it was obvious
that he
must have gotten this money from a contract he executed with the
ministry. In a nutshell, I was intimated of the sudden death of Mr.
who died when a Kenyan Airways crashed along the Coast of West

THE PROPOSITON: The Board of Directors of this bank after
deliberation on
this fund has decided to adjourn the motion as
contained in the article 7(a)
of the minutes of the Board of Directors
Meeting held on 28th January. 2005,
until January 30th 2007 when the
Board of Directors will be having their
General Meeting with the
Finance Minister, Benin Republic.

THE TRANSACTION: I have decided to
loan this fund to a reliable foreigner
for a period of 18 months; the
proceeds will be for our personal use; if you
are interested in this

CONDITIONS: The following is the applicable conditions as
regards to the
granting of this loan.

1. You should repay the whole
fund within 18 calendar months.

2. We are to share the interest
realized in the ratio of 50:50 (ie. 50% to
you and 50% to me)

indicate your interest through a return email stating clearly the


1. Full Names

2. Address

3. Telephone
& Fax numbers

4. Date of birth

5. Marital Status


1. Company Name

2. Company Address

3. Telephone & Fax numbers

Area of Specialization

5. Date of Establishment

On the receipt of the
above as requested, I will furnish you on the next
step. NOTE that I
have contacted you and two other coporate persons pending
of whom I
receive a favourable, convincing and most assured response.


Dr. Henry Haliko
Post by: kenny(159772)
2006-01-29 07:47:24
sounds like a scam to me
Post by: Kueller(13231)
2006-01-29 10:12:34
no kidding
Post by: Wolverine(1)
2006-03-07 20:39:34
Of course it is a scam.

I get tons of those.

Post by: beggar(46408)
2006-03-07 21:12:05
guess what, I've won the Internet lotteries from 5 different countries in the last week alone ... strangely ... all these lotteries seem to work via the same office in Senegal


I sometimes wonder how rich I'd be if all spam was true

ooh, scary thought ... just imagine the inflation!!!
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2006-03-10 07:17:13
Nobody ever offers me any mony but apparently I need to go to college, become a police officer, watch girls via a webcam, and then make enlargements to my body. I'm not sure if any of this requires a specific order.
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