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Thread: Top 5 Favourite Sports
Post by: Div(17156)
2005-01-04 09:35:13
My 5 Favourite Sports are

1. AFL
2. Soccer
3. Cricket
4. Tennis
5. Basketball
Post by: Coneman(325)
2005-01-04 10:44:14
1. AFL
2. Soccer/Football for those people who bitch if you don't call it that =P
3. Cricket
4. Basketball
5. Will leave this slot open...
Post by: shawnmlbpm(31587)
2005-01-05 08:48:26
2.american football
Post by: lazy(27024)
2005-01-05 14:19:56
2.Changing channels with the remote.
5.Staring at the TV
Post by: Fat Kung Fu Master(34195)
2005-01-05 20:34:37
1. Bull Fighting

2. That Tomato Festival where people throw festering tomatoes at each other

3. That Cheese Race

4. Table Tennis (Man those dudes can play hell fast)

5. Eating Contests
Post by: eldergod(55364)
2005-01-05 22:24:33
Laughes hysterically until tears roll down his cheeks...
Oooh man... That was precious... You goes actually posted cricket and Football/soccer as if they were a real sport... Anyway...

1. American Football
2. Baseball
Post by: The Black Demon(552)
2005-01-06 11:30:23
3.American Football
5.Any Basketball game Michael Jordan played in
With my 1&2 favorits you would never guess I am and American ay
Post by: Version 1(26732)
2005-01-06 14:59:38
Oh my god! Lets go play American football, and because we are pussies we were pads!

1. Cricket - absolutely pwns Baseball
2. Wrestling
3. AFL - Absolutely pwns Soccer and American Football
Post by: troy_captain(65895)
2005-01-09 01:30:42
3-Ice Hockey
Post by: N3w Moon(43003)
2005-01-10 11:25:11
V1, when did you become such a spammer?
Post by: cbrebanGB(23291)
2005-01-10 20:08:17
1. Cricket/AFL
3. Soccer
4. Rugby

Eldergod = Moron.
Post by: Div(17156)
2005-01-11 06:11:11
eldergod: i didnt read your post coz i didnt see it but know that WOW has pointed it out.. Your an idiot.. seriously.. I would like to see you hit an inswinging yorker by Brett Lee coming in at ya at over 155 km..

Youd start running like a little wuss..
Post by: insane clown(11577)
2005-01-16 03:21:26
1) football
2) american football
3) F1
4) ice hockey
5) basketball
Post by: Infamous_Infants(23)
2005-01-16 09:47:46
Fat Kung Fu, are you by any chance form Spain??? Well any way your post made me piss my pants!! :D LOL
1. Anything with skating ((that be skateboarding and inline skating)mostly half pipe)
2. Snowboard –(extreme and *surprise* half pipe)
3. F1 and le mans –your probably wondering where the hell that come from..
4. Summer and winter Olympic
5. Tour de France –another deep space event!!!
6. out of category – Olympic for the multi handicapped – no comment.
Post by: Xyn(68956)
2005-01-25 08:26:32
1. Football (The one that's actually played with feet)
2. NHL
3. Tour De France \o/
4. Cricket (Awww, bless those Americans that can't understand a sport unless it stops every three seconds for their brain to cool down...) ;)
5. Rugby
Post by: N3w Moon(43003)
2005-01-25 10:05:23
1. Football (The one that's actually played with feet)

NFL guys have feet too!

2. NHL

a fight on ice!

3. Tour De France \o/

\o/ we can't stop winning this!

4. Cricket (Awww, bless those Americans that can't understand a sport unless it stops every three seconds for their brain to cool down...) ;)

hahahaha real funny, mayby thats why peter added the three second rule for us lowly americans ;)

5. Rugby

uh yeah 8)
Post by: mez(70016)
2005-01-27 00:41:27
LMAO at everyone who thinks wrestling is a sport...

1)Football/Soccer (for everyone who whines...blah blah)
3)Ice Hockey

erm.....definatley NOT cricket
Post by: Seneca Pride(47426)
2005-01-29 17:58:57
Sports to watch:

1) American Football


3) Baseball

4) Basketball

5) Boxing\Kickboxing

Sports to do:

1) American Football

2) Real Wrestling

3) Kickboxing

4) Volleyball

5) Baseball

Post by: insane clown(11577)
2005-01-29 19:21:16
how is baseball a sport to watch its like dead boring its the only american sport that sucks
Post by: Seneca Pride(47426)
2005-01-30 08:35:55
Each to his own, I think the same about soccer\football.
Post by: Fat Kung Fu Master(34195)
2005-02-01 16:13:34
Gracias Infamous_Infants ;)

P.S. I'm not from Spain
Post by: bear88(119403)
2005-12-23 14:22:22
1. American Football
2. Hockey
3. Jello Wrestling
4. Tonsil Hockey
5. Rugby
Post by: smoke(126548)
2005-12-24 20:43:40
1) Chess
2) Checkers
3) Tiddly winks
4) snakes & ladders
5) wrestling : D
Post by: Voltage18(145681)
2005-12-25 01:33:49
Post by: jddegraff(43958)
2006-01-10 07:34:02
1. ice hockey

(is there any other hockey!!!?)

2. hockey

3. hockey

4. hockey

5. something in the bedroom while watching..... hockey.
Post by: Limerick(56750)
2006-01-11 04:47:01
1. Rugby

2. Rugby

3. Rugby

4. Gaelic Football.

5. Everything else.


1. Smoking Czech cigarettes

2. Drinking Czech Beer.

3. Getting high on Czech Ganj.

4. Shagging Czech girls.

Those are sports, right?
Post by: happy killer(162681)
2006-01-21 08:37:04
cricket is the most stupid, worthless, and queerest sport ever.

1. American football (well over everything else)

2. Basketball

3. Soccer (so easy, i bombed a soccer ball from a 40-yard line over the net {it was a dome tournament}, and i'm only 13 years old.

4. Actual fist fights with you vs. someone else.

5. Baseball (cause everybody uses steroids)
Post by: Version 1(26732)
2006-01-24 13:58:51

He is 13.
Post by: big slammer(161134)
2006-01-28 06:46:12
well i'm 14 now, but that's because i'm not a 20 some year old geek who doesn't have a life and plays this game all the time
Post by: lazy(27024)
2006-01-28 14:34:41
1. Pan Cake throwing
2. Clowns
3. Pro Wrestling
4. Ceiling Fan Cribbage
5. Television Monitor beatdown
Post by: Dalvian(38356)
2006-01-30 04:52:08
1. Marching 20 kilometers with a full ruck
2. Running 6 miles in a cold rain.
3. Crawling 100 meters through a ditch at 2am to catch the drop on the bad guys.
4. Running like lightning through the woods at 2:05am when the bad guys friends come to see what is going on.
5. Doing push ups until I throw up.
Post by: mael(88584)
2006-02-01 03:31:49
1.Running on a BEACH with a full pack.
2.Guestimating wind values at 700 meters.
3.Interservice Bar Fighting
4.International Interservice Bar Fighting
5.Kickboxing @ Sabbailand Bar, Pattaya, Thailand ;)))
6.Rappelling from train trestles...with oncoming train =0
7.And, if HAVE to be a jock sniffer and WATCH a sport..
.........IRISH HURLING, no, I aint Irish..but gawleeee..thats a MANS SPORT..everything else can be done in a skirt.
Post by: huj900(283768)
2007-04-16 13:54:02
1. boxing
2. tennis
3. cricket
4. rugby league
5. -
Post by: jmallonee(34807)
2007-04-17 00:20:33
1. mixed martial arts
2. mixed martial arts
3. mixed martial arts
4. mixed martial arts
5. mixed martial arts
Post by: Dyna Mike Duncan(127082)
2007-04-17 01:15:22
Playing - 5-a-side Football
6-a-side Football
Rugby Sevens

Watching - Football
More Football
Post by: Dyna Mike Duncan(127082)
2007-04-17 01:15:50
Double post - damn!

Such anymosity around something as unimportant as Sport on this topic :)

Post by: lopi9(263027)
2007-06-26 16:25:32

1 Soccer
2Actually wrestling someone
3Bloody Knuckles
4 Baseball
5 Lots of others
Post by: sid(174589)
2007-06-30 08:46:55
Sports to watch.


Sports to play

Post by: Mad Bear(46310)
2007-07-20 12:39:26
1. Baseball
2. Soccer
3. Sumo Wrestling
4. Mixed Martial Arts
5. Rock, Paper, Scissors
Post by: tay ncfc(183846)
2007-07-20 15:06:08
1.Football, i mean proper football not the soccer you sausages in the states call it
2.Nice bit of Snooker
3.Nice bit of Pool
5.Hm....Sleeping or Tennis.

PS, Rugby PWNS American 'Football' because we dont need pads bigger than ourselves so we dont hurt ourselves
Post by: BubbaG(33460)
2007-07-20 18:56:02

Snooker, Pool, Darts? Sounds like you're frequenting the pub a little too often.
Post by: Dyna Mike Duncan(127082)
2007-07-20 19:47:38
You say that like it's a bad thing Bubba! :D
Post by: The Mad Hatter(237592)
2007-07-20 23:10:10
Nuff Said
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2007-07-20 23:13:35
1. Football
2. Football
3. Football
4. Football
5. Dodgeball

And that's English football.. not that padded-puffter thing you yanks play.
Post by: penguinlover(294552)
2007-07-21 08:53:37
american football
Post by: tay ncfc(183846)
2007-07-21 15:22:29
I may be underage, but the pub loves me as much as i love them!
Post by: denzil(82151)
2007-08-01 03:07:46
2. Grid Iron.
3. Nas car.
4. V8 Super Car Batherurst.
5.Texus Holdem.
6.The pub
7. Girls is a fun sport to. Still not sure what to do when you catch them or they let you catch them? Help on this one.

Pads? for foot ball. well grid iron is like chess. if you know the game you can not call them girls or what ever. they have dudes of 350 lb trying to kill them. so its part of the game. its more coatch vs coatch and the players have to try to what the coatch asks of them. so i do see it as a tuff spoort. guys get killed in it. its not to often in AFL . just busted up a bit. so dont come at pads as beeing a bad thing. next thing you will say NASS car is all driving in circals. whats hard about this. they have seat belts
too! lol come on!

Post by: cm punk(303288)
2007-08-01 20:14:55
1)pro wrestling
2)amateur wrestling
3)MMA(mixed matial arts)
5)american football
Post by: Vodka(310895)
2007-08-03 08:57:25
1) 20km Marathon
2) 100m Sprint
3) Boxing (while doing a 10km Marathon)
4) Tour de France (thanks for the dope)
5) TV Game Show
Post by: Criticalz(219613)
2007-08-22 11:28:53
1. College Football (American)
2. NFL
3. UFC (mixed martial arts)
4. College Basketball
5. Soccer (WORLD CUP!)

1st--- Rugby vs. American football. As someone that has played both sports for several years, I will admit that rugby is much more fun to play then football for several reasons. In Football you are assigned to one position, and that is your primary responsibility. In Rugby you are seemlessly playing an equivlent of offense and defense of football all at once. As far as pads vs. no pads not wearing pads does not make you more of a man. The hits in Rugby for the most part are not as hard as the hits are in football for the exact reason that pads arent worn. My football teams have always had more injuries as well as more severe injuries then the Rugby team i played. As far as entertainment, American football is much more enjoyable to watch. NFL players are the most elite athletes in the world. I know that most non-americans would say that isnt true due to American OFfenseive lineman due to their size and saying that fat guys are not elite athelets, but these 6'5 300+ pound lineman (sorry bout the metric system deal :) ) are able to run a 40 yard dash in under 5 seconds, bench press 400-500 pounds, squat 600-800 pounds and still have a 30+ inch vertical leap. The physical stats for the specialty players is even more impressive.
Post by: bla ulv(108040)
2007-08-22 11:45:57

1. Counted cross stitch
2. Reading
3. Eating
4. Horseback riding
5. vacuming

:) whew was afraid I couldn't come up with five. :) lol
Post by: carter(274737)
2007-08-23 16:20:49
1. MMA - UFC and Pride fighting

2. American Football

thats about it lol
Post by: denzil(82151)
2007-08-24 03:38:20
1 Cricket.
2. Girles. well i think there a sport. they make you chase them so it must be.
3. Eating.
4. playin with my little pussy cat Tinka. She pretends to be a fish on the end of my white cain when i am laying on the bed. she grabs the string on the end of the cain and its on. can i catch my pus? Some times she dont let go so i do.
6 Movies.
Post by: Prince Of VOW(270242)
2007-09-02 18:42:12
1. Basketball
2. Wheelchair Basketball
3. Wheelchair Basketball
4. Basketball
5. Basketball


of course, i mean all types of each, eg. womens, juniors, mens and mixed

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