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Forum: VOW Roleplaying
Post by: kranis(63924)
2005-05-20 12:34:54
So you think your the toughest street fighter of the lower levels of Vow? Well prove it and join my LMS division. Weekly tournaments will be held to unveil the toughest streetfighter in the SPWA level. The following are the basic rules:

Docs only allowed; Laws can also enter if you have the guts; You must do your assigned matches quickly or face DQ for that week; Please sign up and I will set up the weekly match cards (by drawing from a hat); Note if LMS tourney features are ever added to VOW this thread will be discontinued.

LAW/SPWA LMS Contestants so far:

Elric (41905); Jose Bagg (40859); Great 1 (42608), SMOG (38764); Insane Mauler (36379

Week 1: Matches

Round 1: Mauler (36379) vs Elric (38764)----Elric
Bagg (40859) vs Great 1 (32608)------Jose Bagg
1st Round Bye: SMOG

Round 2: Smog (38764) vs Elric (38764)------Smog
Bye: Jose Bagg

Championship Match: Smog (38674) vs Jose Bagg (40859)

Current SPWA LMS Champion: (vacant. tbd at tourney week 1)

Post by: The Great 1(86511)
2005-05-20 13:11:59
The Great 1(42608) will enter.....
Post by: yar(35506)
2005-05-20 18:17:16
i dont care about records i am the man to beat in lms so i enter
Post by: smoott(65938)
2005-05-21 04:00:19
ill enter.

Insane Mauler (36379)

Post by: kranis(63924)
2005-05-22 20:46:07
1st Ever SPWA LMS Championship LMS Match: Smog (38674) vs Jose Bagg (40859)
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