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Forum: VOW Roleplaying
Thread: XWC new titles
Post by: nerd(64042)
2005-01-31 20:00:25
XWC Universal Title (PWO+ higher)

XWC International Title (SPWA´s)

XWC World Tag Team Title (Do i have to say anything)

XWC E-Xtreme Title (Open for anyone, cage matches only,DOCS only)

XWC Amateur championship Title ( For LAWs only)

Ok since we do this change for Titles names, my opinion is that we simplify the whole point calculation thing.

3 point for win
1 point for loss
-1 for no show

Rule is this 24hour rule.

Additional points given by me are +3 for good roleplay during month.

We shall do a vote every last day of a month where we choose the WRESTLER OF THE MONTH. This wrestler gets +3 tournament points.

Title fight begins 6th Feb. BE THERE
What comes to tournaments, there will be 1 major tournament every week and its at SUNDAYS. Big PPV special will be held every months last day, in that show the wrestler of the month is named too.
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