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Forum: VOW Roleplaying
Thread: Blood, Sweat and Tears Wrestling.
Post by: hyperion(251714)
2007-08-09 19:56:44
I have started a brand new efed, it will begin with one RP show and one VOW show, but I hope to expand on this to make a hugely active efed. I am looking for members for my first shows starting next week. The address is Anyone who wishes to join is welcome, join the site and then sign a contract. I apologise for it still being plain colours I thought the actual set up was more important than looks right now.
Post by: camilorios26(228307)
2007-08-09 21:09:54
I joined Hyperion, and for the people we are two experimented PWO with a great history at e-feds

so this will not be a n00bīs e-fed, plz join us
Post by: hyperion(251714)
2007-08-10 04:14:05
Oh and on an extra note to that I have 3 years experience at running websites, I have also been assisting on GHW for a while with and a few other things, but yes the head end of this site are experienced and it will look better very soon, I promise before my first show on Tuesday Night.

Come and Sign up and I will try to get you a match on Tuesday.
Post by: hyperion(251714)
2007-09-06 19:22:20
Well we have now been running for a month our first Pay Per View is on Sunday and we are starting a new show come Thursday so we will now have two VOW based shows and one RP show, so come join and have some fun on the fastest growing fed around.
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