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Forum: VOW Roleplaying
Thread: ..:EPW'S Seasons Beatings:..
Post by: Stainless Danny Steel(28015)
2005-01-17 08:01:13
Ok this is just for CB(4949) really!!(enjoy the new an improved EPW card)

All the lights go out....BOOM....Loads of fireworks go off all over the place, lightin the EPW Arena....A new EPW sign sits at the top of the titantron, SDS comes on the Titantron....

SDS - Welcome one and all to EPW'S Seasons Beatings...

Crowd Roars with Excitement

SDS - Now we have a very special card lined up for you tonight, we will be holding the first annual Elite Pro Wrestling Championship match!

Crowd ones again let out a Defening Roar

SDS - Ok this is what the Card looks like for Tonights Seasons Beatings!

First match of the Night will be an SPWA title match:
The New Era vs Jake Davis
(21025) / (23280)
Singles Match

The Sniper Vs Ocelot
(8030) / (1633)
Grudge Match - Fought in a Ladder!

Hick Bob Vs Cone
(16412) / (7928)
Singles Submission Match (Ill write it up - Jus add stuff onto the normal match)

Chester The Clown vs Gigaton Joe
(10065) / (14577)
Cage Match (U both got the AP lol)

Stainless Danny Steel vs HBK
(8314) / (8322)

FireBrand VS Oricale
(5636) / (11536)

Paul London Vs Booker T
(23722) / (23789)
No1 Contendership Match for SPWA
Fought in a Ladder

Thorondor vs ChrisBenoit
(2381) / (4949)

Czechzilla vs Armenian Beast
(16497) / (17764)
Catch that Rat match, Done in a Singles, I will edit it all
:Chase the midget:

Tajiri Trantula Vs Doom Merchant
(11016) / (12543)

Main Event - Elite Pro Wrestlin Championship match
Bubba Gump - 575
Matt Hardy Version1 - 23
TJ Zelk - 758
Superfly Jimmy Snuka - 278
Fatal Four way

J.W. Pepper - OMG thats the card for tonights event, its going to be one hell of a Show!

R.R I agree J.W. I wonder what will happen in the first ever EPW Championship match, its going to be so unpredictable, Enjoy the show folks!

(ooc - Sorry to anyone that dint get a match, EXP levels were just to far out, you'll get some soon, no worries ;)!!)
Post by: Div(17156)
2005-01-17 08:55:10
Hey Thanks alot for doing this for me
Post by: Stainless Danny Steel(28015)
2005-01-18 03:25:44
Anything for EPW talent :)
Post by: shawnmlbpm(31587)
2005-01-19 09:27:40
hey i need a match
Post by: Version 1(26732)
2005-01-20 13:33:31
Sorry, you suck to much to have a match.
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