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Forum: VOW Roleplaying
Thread: XLW Roleplay
Post by: Necro Goth(48478)
2005-01-01 00:27:11
Welcome to XLW- The home of the XXXtreme
This is where you will post angles & storylines...
Post by: lazy(27024)
2005-01-01 05:17:19
Settting: Backstage with John Gref and Jake Davis.

John Gref- I'm here with Jake Davis who requesteed an interview, am I right?

Jake Davis-Thats right! Yes......who are you again?

*John Gref looks a bit embarassed and puts his head down.

John Gref-I'm John Gref.....the interview guy here, kinda new you know right?

Jake Davis-Well, John Gref I'm here to announce I will fight anyone in XLW! I am going to prove to everyone watching this, I am going to be the first to hold the XLW Heavyweight championship, that title will be put around my waist, I'll be the first and only one to hold it! I'm going to stay the champ for as long as XLW lasts! This title will stay mine you know?

John Gref-You can't be sure of that there are some other competitors out there.

*John Gref looks a bit shy like he knew he shouldn't have said that.

Jake Davis-Looks like you have doubts in my ability John?You are looking at the next top competitor of XLW, the one who is going to stay at the top, I demand to be the first with a shot at the XLW World Heavyweight title.

John Gref-Any other comments about the competitors like discipline of the rock?

Jake Davis-That guy is here too, you consider him top of XLW, he is nothing. He is a nobody!If he even dares to get in the ring with me expect the worst as he has asolutely no CHANCE!

*Jake Davis leaves to the ring as John Gref looks at him and shrugs his shoulders.

*Jake Davis enters the ring with a mic.

Fans-Davis sucks! Davis sucks! Davis sucks!

Jake Davis-Take a look at that, you guys have something to say, well I got something face the facts I'm going to be the top competitor here and will stay in the top.


Jake Davis-None of you will ever be good enough to get in the ring with Jake Davis!

*Jake Davis leaves backstage while fans are chanting Davis sucks!
Post by: Necro Goth(48478)
2005-01-01 20:10:59
Fans: Davis sucks Davis....

(Commisioner Archangel enters...)

Archangel: "Well, Jake... I hope your happy with how that went. Cos here in the XLW Arena...(cheers)...we don't do things like that. You don't just get a title shot like that! You've got to work for it! And tonight you will do just that, because you think your allies trust you? Then lets see what happens when you face off against The Desciple Of The Rock tonight...(cheers)...In a Barbed Wire match!!! (CHEERS) Lets see how loyal your friends are now!

And that brings me to my next point...emma "the pook" jeffery. You and I will be in a match tonight...A best of 3 falls match, and the winner will get the Title match of their choice, the 1st fall will be 1st Blood, then 2nd we will see a brutal TLB match, then if you fluke a win, we'll decide it in a Casket match...(cheers)...Lets see who is true championship material here in X L W!!!

(Archangel then leaves the backstage area...)
Post by: emma jeffery(62321)
2005-01-01 21:02:05
lights go out and the pyros go off, disco lights flash around the arena, Jean Michel Jarres electronic tones of Aero syphens across the arena and pook bursts through the curtains and runs hell for leather to the ring high fiving all the way.

lights come up and The Pook is standing in the middle of the ring mike in hand.

"Happy new year huns.. (crowds cheering Pook,Pook,Pook) and i hope youve made all your new years resolutions.

"This brings me to my reason for being out here tonight, My main resolution is to get the All Star Strap Around my sweet thighs. but after listening to that last segment ive just made another one."

Hey Arch Angel I know your back there firstly i was just wondering hun who died and put you in charge, makin matches here and there. The only Arch Angel i can think you may be related to would be Lucifer."

"So my first new years resolution will be to intoduce you to the incide of a casket and along with it your dreams of a title shot."

Pook pulls a couple of handfulls of sweets from her jacket pocket and chucks them into the crowd.

"sweets for my sweeties"

her music 'Aero' hits again

Drops the mike to the floor leaps over the top rope to the floor high fivin back to the lockers room kissin a couple of kids on the way.

Post by: Necro Goth(48478)
2005-01-01 21:44:43
(-This one is from Alice Cooper-)
*Alice Cooper's Poision Hits The Arena*

*The Lights Go Out As The Music Plays*

*The Lights Go Back On And Alice Cooper Is Standing In The Squared Circle*

*The Music Goes Off As Cooper Reaches For A Microphone*

Alice- I am Alice Cooper and I will respect anyone who can win a match fairly.

*crowd cheers and booes as they don't know what they can say*

Cooper- I am sending out an open challenge to anyone in XLW who is brave enough to step in MY ring. I am also allowing ArchAngel the chance of a lifetime aswell.

*fans cheer at the thought of ArchAngel getting beat*

Alice - I Thankyou For Listening. Goodbye.

*The Lights Go Out And The Music Goes Back On*

*The Lights Go Back On When There Is A Huge Explosion As The Top Of The Ramp Goes Up In Flames*

*The Fans Cannot Believe What They Are Seeing. Whatever Will Commisioner ArchAngel Do About This?*
Post by: Necro Goth(48478)
2005-01-01 22:44:16
(As Cooper walks up the ramp Archangel steps out and they bump into eachother...)

Archangel- So, Alice, an open challenge? Even to me? Well, I'm not going to miss out on this...

(Archangel swings out wildly and catches Alice in the face with a right hand, then clocks him with a light tube that smashes on impact...)

Archangel- You want me soo bad? Well I accept...(cheers)...But not tonight, tonight, I have a big match for the title shot of my choice! So whatever happens, next week, on Saturday Night(MARE), It'll be Alice Cooper vs The XXXtreme Messiah: Archangel in the match type of your choice!

(Archangel then leaves Alice out on the ramp and goes backstage...)
Post by: emma jeffery(62321)
2005-01-02 01:25:56
As Archangel steps toward the curtain they fly apart and Emma is standing there is ring attire Union Jack Emblazoned on her chest.

She shakes her head and shouts I dont want to wait til later hun. and runs at Archangel and attemps a clothesline.....

Archangel ducks and elbows the pook in the ribs, pook reals but hits back with a knee to the gut the two are going at it (crowd is screaming pook pook pook) lefts and rights haymakers and chops get some help out here.

refs and security burst out of the back area and try to break up the battle thats ensued.
Post by: lazy(27024)
2005-01-02 02:47:51
*Jake Davis and John Gref are backstage again for an interview.

John Gref-I'm here with the one Jake Davis, and he debuts at the next XLW event which is saturday night(mare).

Jake Davis-Yes John, I'm against a rival of mine who they call the discipline of the rock, and who knows why I'm not in the main event for a title shot.

John Gref-Your not in the main event because Arch Angel did not make that match for you, only for himself and emma the pook.

Jake Davis-Archangel is trying to hold back wrestlers like Jake Davis, that title shot match should have me included, and after I annihilate discipline of the rock, I'm going to put an open challenge to the winner of the title shot and tell them to put their title shot on the line against me!

John Gref-You really don't care about the match you are having, do you?

Jake Davis-I'd love to see myself having a title shot, just as much as annihilating discipline of the rock, but that match will be too short, its a good thing he added at least 2 matches after it, I predict my match will last around 5 minutes. Archangel and Emma may have well the rest of the show. Archangel you will know I deserve a title shot after you see me wrestle in the no holds barred match.
Post by: lazy(27024)
2005-01-02 03:08:40
*Placebo- Pure Morning plays as Jake Davis rides to the ring on his Harley Davison.

Fans-Davis sucks! Davis sucks! Davis sucks!

Jake Davis-As you know I'm facing discipline of the rock, some amateur who thinks he is good, this kid here is a nobody and doesn't even stand a chance in my match with him, archangel I'm afraid one of your wrestlers may get too injured in my match. I'm going to enjoy inflicting punishment on discipline of the rock, I'm sure you fans don't wanna see a 2 minute match.


*One of the fans tells Davis to come near and Davis does.

Single Fan-Davis I know the match is going to last 2 minutes as discipline will clean the floor with you.

*Jake Davis smiles.

Jake Davis-I'm sorry to hear that, but I'm not a janitor maybe like discipline of the rock, you see, get your facts straight I'm a wrestler not that guy who cleans the toilet. Get your sorry excuse for a living thing out of my face.

*Jake Davis comes back to the ring.

Jake Davis-As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, I'm going to inflict so much punishment on discipline of the rock that emts will have to take him out of the arena. You see hes a nobody, a nah da, the invisible man that nobody wants to see. Thats right becuse I'm Jake Davis!

*Jake Davis rides his Harley Davison to the backstage area.

Fans-Davis sucks! Davis sucks! Davis sucks!
Post by: emma jeffery(62321)
2005-01-02 03:15:40
Back stage area:

Emma is limbering up for her match.

Jake Davis walks past.

"Hey Hun, sounds like you and I both have a lil problem with ArchAngel..."

"When i win my match tonight i'll be happy to tumble you for my title shot hun, hell sweetie if i have my way you could be in it as a triple threat."

"nice bike BTW hun, I ride better though"

blows a kiss and walks into the ladies locker room.

Post by: Necro Goth(48478)
2005-01-02 04:29:21
(The camera cuts to Archangel in him office)

Hold it! Hold it! No-one is getting a title shot unless I say so! I'm the boss here and dont forget it. But I am not the only one giving shots around here, No. You see, what makes XLW unique is the fact that we have a league table here. And the higher up you are, the more high profile your matches are, and the more title shots you get! So play fair...or else.

Oh, and emma, I hope you are happy playing these fans for the fools they really are...(boos)...You will win no title shots from these fans, remember: I am the boss, and I AM thee closest thing to God you will ever know!!

(ps due to overwelming popularity, cards will last till 1am Monday (English time))
Post by: emma jeffery(62321)
2005-01-02 05:17:42
ArchAngels office:

knock knock


a little arena man comes in theres a parcel for you (brings in a wrapped present the size of a shoe box)
Post by: shadyjack(60098)
2005-01-02 18:37:56

Jessie Dean's music cuts in, as he casually strides to the ring.

Announcer: "and what the hell is this?"

Jessie grabs a mike, and rolls into the ring.

JESSIE: " X...L...W!"

*crowd cheers*

JESSIE: "You know, I've been around awhile. I've seen a lot of things. I've seen a man get eaten by a squirrel, I've seen a wheelchair with a roll-bar.....but I have NEVER seen a wrestling league without a champion!"

*crowd is passive*

JESSIE: "And it just so happens that the XLW does not have a champion. Not yet."

*crowd is silent*

JESSIE: "And on that note...I'd like to introduce our beloved leader, the man who brought all this together, ladies and gentlemen, the owner of XLW....because I'm sure we'd all like to know just how he's gonna deal with this situation, right?"

*crowd cheers*
Post by: Necro Goth(48478)
2005-01-02 19:14:31
...Archangel's music cuts in and he walks down to the ring, still holding the un-opened packedge sent to him by emma the pook...

Jessie: "So, boss, what are you gonna do about the title situation?"

Archangel: "Well, Jessie I am going to tell you. Tonight we have the 2/3 falls match that I am in, and I know that when I win...(boos)...I will put myself in a Title match for the World Title, and I have a suspicion that if emma gets 2 flukes in over me, she will go for the All-Star Title.

Jessie: "Yeah but, that doesn't really explain the XLW title situation."

Archangel: "Ok, this is where things get in interesting. On the Xtreme League table, IF you find yourself in the top 2 positions, you are eligable for the XLW World title, if you are in the top 3- The All-Star Title will be within your reach, and if you are in the top 5, you are eligable for a Softcore Title shot."

Jessie: "But what about the tag team titles?"

Archangel: " They will be eligable to any team in the league! I hope that answers your question, now go backstage, I've got some buisseness to take care of!"

Jessie Dean proceeds backstage...

Archangel: "emma the pook, what in the blue hell is this package supposed to be? Hmm? Well I have not opened it yet, incase for any reason it would jeopardise my fitness before the main event. So I demand that you come out here NOW, and explain this to everyone here in the XLW Arena...and if you don't, I will deduct 1 point from the League Table by your name....(boos)..."
Post by: 13(64043)
2005-01-02 19:57:01
Insteadof emma the ppook jeffery coming out, it is none other than 13...

A- What the hell are you doing out here?

13- Well bro, I've come out here, because earlier today I signed onto a contract stating that I am now an active member of the XLW roster, and as I'm your bro, I think that It's only fair that you give me the XLW Softcore Title...

A- What, hell no...and in fact, quite frankly, you can, an active member?

13- Yes

A- Well, then you must have a match tinight...

13- What? No, just give me the belt, that'll be fine...

A- Oh, no...that's not how it works... You have a match tonight... against Jessie Dean

Crowd- Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaa(in a sort of crowd cheery manor)

13- What? Um....O.o..o...oK?

A- Oh, and what's your favourite weapon?

13- I guess a ladder, with barbed wire wrapped around it! Yes, that's it.

A-Well, we dont have any of those...BUT, we will have a ladder match, and instead of ropes, we'll have barbed wire!!!

13- You, you dont have anything to hang over the ring!!

A- Well, Jessie's fav weapon is a baseball bat, so that will be hanging above the ring! And whoever pulls it down, can use it as they see fit on their opponant! Now run along...and emma, get out here......NOW!

13 leaves, fearing his later match...........
Post by: Danny Scoono(64737)
2005-01-02 20:58:23
What The Hell...................

Its Danny Blade A Mysterious LAW, oh my god he spits in Necro Goth's face, ""chew on that Necro"
Post by: Danny Scoono(64737)
2005-01-02 21:01:54
Post by: Danny Scoono(64737)
2005-01-02 21:50:36
Danny Blade Boots Necro Goth door open in his office and he demands a interview.....

NECRO GOTH: "ok jus dont hurt me"
DANNY: "well ave i got the interview?"
NECRO: "of course, what do u want 2 talk about?"
DANNY: "u better enter me into XLW"

*the lights go out and danny as jus stabbed necros brother 13*

*danny walks off into the distance*

DANNY: This game is for 18+!
Post by: Necro Goth(48478)
2005-01-03 03:21:35
What...what the Hell do you think you'rew doing? You idiot...Oh my God, you sone of a.. I swear to God, I'm gonna KILL you! No, actually instead, Jessie Dean can, because you will replace 13 in the match tonight!

Are you OK, bro?

Damn it Blade, I hope you're happy, I'm deducting 3 points from you for this...Get out, NOW...GET OUT!!!

Uurgh...Where is emma the pook? Get him out of here...I don't want him bleeding on my new carpet!
Post by: lazy(27024)
2005-01-03 05:12:37
Setting Backstage interview with Jake Davis and John Gref

John Gref-You'll be facing Alice Cooper now instead of Discipline of the rock.

Jake Davis-Ain't I supposed to be fighting discipline.

John Gref-It was changed.

Jake Davis-I will defeat any opponent on the roster including Alice Cooper. This match will prove I deserve an XLW Heavyweight title shot. You see I'm Jake Davis, my debut match is coming and I'm facing Alice Cooper, he will respect me after I defeat I said I would Discipline of the Rock.


Jake Davis-None of you have any respect for me now, but after tonight, I will prove I'm the bravest, the most intelligent, and best at wrestling, and you fans won't have to waste a breath on booing, instead chanting Jake Davis!

Fans-Jake Davis sucks!

Jake Davis-Whatever they are all jealous of my wrestling skill, not being able to compete with me, you see, my match is the first of the night, the one that will prove I'm the dominate star on the roster.

*Jake Davis comes to the entrance to the rampway and awaits his music to hit for his debut match.
Post by: Danny Scoono(64737)
2005-01-03 18:22:41
*Danny Licks The Blood Off His Blade*

Whoever i face will be the next victim of this blade
Post by: Danny Scoono(64737)
2005-01-03 18:25:05
Jessie Dean! , ure the next to die of my blade, besides i need 2 work extra hard now my points are -3
Post by: Danny Scoono(64737)
2005-01-03 18:44:44
emma the pook! , u wanna be my tag team partner?
Post by: Immortal King(44700)
2005-01-03 20:32:54
Post by: Necro Goth(48478)
2005-01-03 21:54:48
Archangel sits in his office just before his main event match starts...He is holding the package sent to him earlier, it is still un-opened...

Archangel (to himself)- "Well, if she isn't gonna tell me what it is..."

He opens it, inside are 2 boxes of chocolates and sweets...

Archangel- "Ooh, my favourite"

He puts one in his mouth...Hmm, how odd...Suddenly he runs toward the bin, and spits it out...

Archangel- "That little bi' God that is soo hot, there must be chilli in 'em or something, I need a sweet to cool my mouth down..."

He puts a sweet in his mouth, nothing happens..."Pheew" suddenly the sweets explode in his mouth releasing a sharp, nasty taste, "Aaaaaaarh", he grabs another sweet to get rid of the nasty taste...

Archangel- "Oh, God no...Lickerish, thats the worst one yet!" He runs out of his office in search of water...
Post by: Danny Scoono(64737)
2005-01-03 22:11:53
-emma the pook u want b tag partners or not?
Post by: Danny Scoono(64737)
2005-01-04 02:20:03
emma the pook and danny blade make a tag team-

Necro i said someone was gonna get stabbed - and u no wot its u *Danny stabs Necro Goth repeatedly*

Danny Blade - "Die Necro!, DIE!"

*13 arrives on the scene
* Danny Disappears

13 - Necro who did this 2 u?"

Necro Goth- "T'was Danny Blade, kill the damn S.O.B at the next Pay Per View"

13 - "dont worry bro, i will!, paramedics get here NOW!"
Post by: Necro Goth(48478)
2005-01-04 02:28:51
(Sorry for the out of character-ness)

First of all: Danny, my name is Archangel
Secondly:emma didnt say you were in a tag team, and quite frankly if anyone did, they'd be crazy!
Thirdly: What the hell was that! I said no stabbing, and there you go...-2 points!

Remember, we ARE Xtreme, but No killing/stabbing for Christ's sake... if you do it again, I'm calling Peter in!

(Sorry about that guys, it only takes 1 person to ruin the fun doesn't it!)
Post by: Danny Scoono(64737)
2005-01-04 02:32:00
ok sorry ARCHANGEL no more stabbing but do i get my match wiv 13 at the next PPV?
Post by: lazy(27024)
2005-01-04 02:41:12
OOC:I could have made th match longer, but I was told to just write the finish.
IC:Opener- No rope-Barbed Wire match
Jake Davis vs Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper is making the Budweiser Squeeze on Jake Davis while he is in the ring and Jake Davis is opposite of the barbed Wire Ropes.

John Gref-He may tap right here, just imagine the pain!

Attempting to get out he manages to make a low blow with his foot.

John Gref-A devastating counter which could buy the time Jake Davis could use to recover.


Jake Davis comes off the apron and gets a table where he sets up in the corner of the ring.

John Gref-What's he doing now!

Jake Davis puts Alice Cooper into a sit-out position puts him in an above body a waist lock and slams him into the table.

John Gref-What a devastating Davis Bomb!

Jake Davis covers Alice Cooper for a 3 count and leaves the ring holding his ribs.

Fans-Davis sucks! Davis sucks!

John Gref-There is one wrestler out there who said he'd win tonight and yes he won!
Post by: Necro Goth(48478)
2005-01-04 22:22:08
Archangel steps out to the crowd...

"Ladies & gentlemen, from now on I would like to announce that, XLW will no longer, sit down in the dust...We will rise up above the low life feds BPW & EPW!(CHEERS)And even though you filthy drunken, drug taking maggots...(BOOS)...don't deserve it! We will not only be hosting Saturday Night(MARE), but also from now on, every Wednesday, we will host Wednesday Apocolypse!!!(CHEERS).

But that's not it, on January 30th, 2005, XLW takes things to a new Xtreme!! Because on January 30th, XLW goes live on PAY PER VIEW!...(CHEERS x10)...And on that night, we will shock the world, because we will debut the House of 10,000 Horrors match!

But enough about that, because, this Wednesday, we go one step further towards crowning an All-Star Champion In what I like to call a small taste of the House of Horrors match, with a Triple Threat CAGE MATCH! Not to forget the return of 13...(CHEERS)...against Danny Blade! Even though you maggots don't deserve it! Be thankfull for what XLW has to give you, and be thankfull because the commissioner is the closest thing to God you will EVER know!"
Post by: 13(64043)
2005-01-04 23:17:24
Mushroomhead's Sun Doesn't Rise hits the speakers, and out steps Thirteen

Ladies and gentlemen, am I correct in saying that you fans DO deserve the matches given to you by "The Necro Goth" Archangel? (The crowd answer with a powerfull Yes) Well in that case, I'd like to announce the stipulation for that match, I want to make it a...

(Archangel)You don't need to choose the stipulation for that match...because not only will it be a ladder match! Because we've found ladders...with BARBED WIRE on them, (The crowd cheers), so this match will be a HardKORE!!! Barbed Wire Ladder match!
Post by: Danny Scoono(64737)
2005-01-05 00:12:20
i like barbed wire or anything 2 do with blades!
Post by: Necro Goth(48478)
2005-01-05 00:46:55
{Archangel steps down to the ring as Torsohorse's "In My Head" plays on around the arena. He makes his entrance, tipping beer on the fans, saying he is better than them because he is pure! He addresses Alice Cooper...}

Archangel- Alice, you said that you were putting out an open challenge, and that I could nout miss out on this oppertunity, well I wont! Because, you see, as emma the pook, has not decided as to what match she wants after our match on Saturday Night(MARE), I have booked our match for Wednesday Apocolypse! But this will not just be any old softcore match, because instead, it will be a Light Tube Ropes Match, which means that strapped to every bit of rope there will be a light tube...ready for your pain!!!

But that's not all I've come out here for! No! I am announcing that next Saturday, we will crown NEW XLW Tag Team it will be the team of Danny Blade & Alice Cooper vs The new team known as "Warcraft". And that team will consist of 13...(CHEERS)...and ME!!!...(The crowd goes crazy)Dream Blood boys...

{Archangel's music plays and he goes backstage}
Post by: Danny Scoono(64737)
2005-01-05 01:14:52
Who is Alex Cooper?

Well whoever it is just because i have a tag team partner will not mean devesation, ALEX GET OUT HERE!

*No music plays, and no one arrives, Danny Walks Backstage In Search Of His New Tag Team Partner, Alex Cooper..........
Post by: lazy(27024)
2005-01-05 03:21:51
(OOC:Sorry Jessie I'm tired of waiting for your match, just pretend this is after your match.)
IC:Backstage interview with Jake Davis from John Gref.

Jake Davis-Looks like you prefer interfviewing me, well looks as if I finally get my title shot against Jessie Dean and Immortal King.

John Gref-Correction Jake Davis, it is for a number one contendership.


Jake Davis-And I will win the number 1 contender match to put the XLW World Heavyweight title on my waist!

John Gref-Its for the All-Star title.....


Jake Davis-What!?I'm not deserving of a title shot, you see I'm Jake Davis, who defeated Alice Cooper. I'm the one who won. The one who was victorious, the one most deserving, now I'm in a cage with only one way to escape, through the top, I'll make sure neither Immortal King nor Jessie Dean will get out of the cage before me! I will win, prove I'm on top of XLW, become All-Star champion, and than become XLW World Heavyweight Champion!


John Gref-Yes I see that, but lets see Jessie Dean defeated Danny Blade, and Immortal King debuts in this match, you don't even know who he is yet.

Jake Davis-Danny Blade is a nothing, so a win over Danny Blade don't mean anything at all, Jessie Dean and Immortal King will suffer a loss. Their first losses in XLW. This title shot will become mine, like the shot for the XLW World Heavyweight title!

Fans-Davis sucks!

John Gref-Well that concludes our interview Jake Davis, good luck.

Jake Davis-I won't need luck, that title will be mine.

*Jake Davis exits the area.
Post by: Danny Scoono(64737)
2005-01-05 03:55:24
*lights go out and when they go back on Danny Blade is in the ring*

Danny Blade - "so im in a tag title match with Alex Cooper?, thats all well and good, but what are the stipulations?"

*archangel's music plays but he does not appear*

Danny Blade - "ok arch if thats the way u wanna play, how about this?, me and 13 are having a match at Saturday Night(Mare), right?, how about the winner gets to choose the stipulation for the tag title match?, unless ure scared of a bit of competittion"

*Alex Cooper arrives at the ring*

Alex Cooper - "yeah good idea Danny, so what do u say Arhangel?"

*crowd screams in frenzy*

Danny Blade - "Oh and before i forget, Jake Davis how dare you call me nothing , u no im skilled at Weapon fighting, so tomorow i have a surprise for you all? ........ O and Archangel, yes or no to my request!?"
Post by: lazy(27024)
2005-01-05 05:46:21
(OOC:Its Alice Cooper not Alex Cooper, read the posts.)
Post by: emma jeffery(62321)
2005-01-05 08:17:45
The Arch-Angel has bloodied the pook (the crowd is screaming pooks name)

arch angel is laughing at the crowd

whos this whos this

lights go out, emma is laid out on the deck.

(in the darkness, u hear a huge (CRACK))


emma crawles to Angel

ref counts 1, 2 , ........ kick out

Angels up and lookin real pissed.......

emma is standing over the casket,.......

angel drop kicks the pook into the casket.....

angel leaps over the side and slammms the castket lid down.

pook stands up bloodied and angry.....
the lid is looking like a refusal from a trash can.

Emma has more blood on her THAN HER BODY WEIGHT

BWARE THE POOK ............

choke slam , choke slam , choke slam.

the lid is put on arch he is pisin blood all over.

winner of this bout

EMMA the POOK Jeffery
Post by: emma jeffery(62321)
2005-01-05 08:41:39
AERO pumps to the ring (pook, pook,pook)

i stand here now huns as your freind, (leaps out the ring giving sweets to the crowd)

'danny blade, danny blade. u make me sick sweetie.

get your dumb self out here NOW..'


bring your knife, i want a death chest challange (weapon hung above the ring)no knives Mr Blade.

i will not put up with knife attacks.


U Mr blade will fight the pook, in a death chest match.

'AND I WANT IT NOW.........
Post by: pookmook2001(62310)
2005-01-05 11:36:02
The lights cut out

a hidious scream blares across then......

(SEPULTURA) CHAOS AD.................
Post by: pookmook2001(62310)
2005-01-05 11:49:02
a huge man walks toward the ring; 6'11 500lbs

the music of metallica swarms the arena.


'master of puppets , pulling your strings, master of puppetts walking with ARCH
Post by: Danny Scoono(64737)
2005-01-05 23:57:03
I Promised Something Yesterday, but i changed my mind cause stuff like this aint good enough for Archangel and XLW, TAG TEAM TITLES HERE I COME!

and 13 your bed as been made so you have to sleep in it
Post by: Danny Scoono(64737)
2005-01-05 23:58:51
POOK - u want a match well we better ask big boss man, Archangel get out here and decide what is gonna happen cause i have a tag title match and a match with 13 seculde. (probably spelt that wrong)
Post by: Necro Goth(48478)
2005-01-06 00:03:42
{Archangel is sitting in his office...}

Archangel- So, Blade, you want to add a stipulation to Tonight's match with Thirteen? You got it, if you win, you and your stupid, drunken idiot of a tag partner may choose the match for this Saturday...But id 13 wins, we're choosing, and your NOT going to like it...

But, then lets talk about in 7 days time...Wednesday Apocolypse vol 2!, yes you will fight emma in a Death Chest match! But I suggest emma, that you decide which title you are going to challenge for, or I might forget about it...

And that brings me to tonight's match...Archangel vs Alice coop...

{Cooper sprints in and nail Archangel with a steel chair, he laughs at Archangel...}

Alice- How do you like it now huh? I bet you regret choosing to fight me don't ya!!

{He hears the EMTs coming towards the office, and Cooper bolts...}
Post by: Danny Scoono(64737)
2005-01-06 00:11:58
*Lights Go Out , Fans Scream, and Danny Blade appears in a unknown dark area*

Danny - "so archangel, u say me and cooper aint gonna like your stipulation?, well i have a good match plan, so WHEN i win against 13, whether yo love it, or you hate it, your stuck with it"

Post by: lazy(27024)
2005-01-06 03:33:58
(OOC:Since its an unknown dark area the fans don't see you appearing......)
Post by: qwertyu100(60456)
2005-01-06 03:37:59
*Lights flash and The Rockers music plays*
*He runs down to the ring with a mic*

Post by: Necro Goth(48478)
2005-01-06 07:15:23
{The Camera cuts to Archangel's office. 13 is speaking alone next to Archangel...}

13- Ladies and gentlemen, tonight is the finest night in XLW history, you see, not only tonight will we see a preview of your new Tag team champs, not only will you see the next All-Star Champ. And not only will you see me beat the tar out of Danny Blade, but tonight, you will see the debut of Commissioner Archangel's new secretary, or as I like to call her the sexretary...{Archangel hits 13 on the arm}...ok, Ok, she will debut tonight, she is The Sexxxy Undead erm..."Secratary" of the Archangel: Lady Death...

{A small video package airs showing Lady Death, mocking "The 1st Lady of XLW" emma the pook...}

Archangel- Ladies and gentlemen, tonight, "The new lady of XLW": Lady Death will debut, we don't know when, we don't know where, but I suggest you don't walk alone in the dark tonight...
Post by: Danny Scoono(64737)
2005-01-07 00:23:46
*Archangel is training for his match against Danny Blade*

Archangel - "DANNY ! , well tonight you are gonna experience true pain, and you and your little friend Alice Cooper......, are gonna die against 13 and no other than ME!, aRCHANGEL . "

*A Mysterious Man Walks Into the locker room.

Mysterios Man? - (In a croaked, slimy voice) BLADE! your going down, NO ONE Messes with the best damn hardcore wrestler in XLW, Archangel, So Watch Your Back..............."


*Alice Cooper walks into Danny Blades Locker Room, To Warn Him About the mysterious man, that is until Alice spots her tag partner laid on the floor dreanched in blood*

Alice - Oh My God!, Get The damn EMT's in here

*EMT's come rushing in*

EMT Number 1 - "Whats happened?"

Alice - "Dunno but i think it as something to do with the mysterious guy who was with Archangel earlier"


emt nUMBER 3 (jOHN) - "well he's i think he's consious but a broken wrist , maybe chance of a concusion, no match for you tonight Blade!"

Danny - (Crawling toward the door) N...No, Archang...angel is gonna pay for this, That *******"



*Archangel gives Danny a clotheline with all his might, Danny looks paralysed, By god Danny needs a miricle 2 win this match............
Post by: gatcholio(28366)
2005-01-07 02:03:16
Post by: lazy(27024)
2005-01-07 04:40:54
(OOC: Didn't realize Necrogoth advertised in chat only noticed you gatchilio.)
Post by: Necro Goth(48478)
2005-01-07 05:28:11
(OOC: What are they on about??)

{Archangel comes out to the ring to address the fans...}

Archangel- Ladies and gentlemen, I am sad to announce that Danny Blade has suffered an injury, and therefore, cannot compete tonigjht for the tag titles...(BOOS)...But that doesn't matter, because you see, the match will take place next Saturday, and tonight Blade WILL fight through injury, and he WILL fight 13...(CHEERS)...Shut Up!

Quite frankly, the only reason I am making him fight tonight is because I know 13 can kick him half way accross the arena! Even though you drunken idiots don't deserve to see that match, just like you don't deserve to see Alice Cooper get the beating of his life! But I am going to let you witness this because I am the boss, I am the XXXtreme Messiah, and I AM thee closest thing to God that you will EVER know!
Post by: 13(64043)
2005-01-07 06:17:52
The Setting is a pitch black room. A small flame is lit, it reveals Thirteen and the Sexxxy undead Sexretery. They are sitting in the darkness...

13: "Danny Blade, you thought that you could get away with stabbing me?...Well, you were wrong, and you see, I know of a little aying that goes like this...."Those who live by the sword, DIE by the sword"...Only you live by the Knife or the Blade, quite frankly I don't care...You see this?...this is the wound from where you stabbed me..."(He pulls the flame down to a wound, Lady Death rubs it:)

Lady Death: "Oooo ha ha..."

(She appears to enjoy the feel of it...)

13: " I will never forget the blade cutting me...and sliding into my body as long as this cut is here...and if...WHEN I win tonight...I'm gonna pick the most dangerous match I can think of...But for now, just sit around...and wait...Oh, and one more thing...Be carefull when walking alone tonight...cos when Lady Death makes her don't want her to be riding your dead carcus...Ha ha...13: Unlucky for some..."

(Thirteen blows out the match, and you hear him and Lady Death laughing as the camera goes out...)
Post by: Dax Deadly(58462)
2005-01-07 10:38:30
Post by: Necro Goth(48478)
2005-01-07 23:37:08
(OOC, Danny did NOT get stabbed and Lady Death is on -1 points...sorry, it's the rules!
Oh, and send me your votes for who won each match on Wednesday today...

Any RPing from now on for the Wednesday Card will not count towards your winnning/losing!)
Post by: Danny Scoono(64737)
2005-01-08 00:18:28
*Danny appears in the ring*

Danny - "13!, me and u tonight, and you know what the blood of yourself on my blade is still there and after me and Alice kick ures and Archangel's @$$ for the tag titles, so 13 get ure @$$ out here now, so i can give you a preview of ure tag title match against me and Alice, Oh and "Lady Death" u no what, i dont give a d@mn who or a better word WHAT u r!"

*13's Music sounds and he walks to the ring 2 fight Danny Blade and get some revenge*
Post by: Cortez(15600)
2005-01-08 00:43:33
As danny is walking back stadge he constantly hears footsteps behind him, but everytime he turns around no one is there (spoooooooooooky) Finaly he hears, "Danieal, we've been watching you..."
Post by: Danny Scoono(64737)
2005-01-08 02:15:29
and i say Cortez (AkAUnit 48) behave ureself
Post by: lazy(27024)
2005-01-08 09:53:48
*Main Event Triple Threat Match for the number 1 contendership of the All-Star title.

Conclusion-*Jessie Dean is at the top of the cage on the other side, while Immortal King and Jake Davis are trying to pull him back in. Jake Davis and Immortal King bring him to the top of the cage and all 3 men are at the top. They each are exchanging blows and Immortal King catches Jessie Dean in his IK's Will, Jake Davis thinks fast and jumps on IK and Jessie Dean as they all fall back inside the ring.

Fans- Cheer
John Gref- Woah! What a match!

*As all three competitors lay in the ring they all get back up after 2 minutes. and an exchange of blows take place. Jake Davis and IK slam Jessie Dean into the side of the cage and IK than tosses Jake Davis at the cage door which happens to make Jake Davis escape from the power of IK.

John Gref-I can't believe it Jake Davis won!

*Jake Davis raises his hands in victory and leaves, and IK is still shocked.

Announcer-Your winner and number 1 contender for the All-Star title Jake Davis!

John Gref-This means Jake Davis and Emma will face off for the XLW All-Star championship!

Post by: Danny Scoono(64737)
2005-01-08 17:07:12
*Danny is seen talking to a man with a black mask over his head, what could this mean?, Be quiet! , there talking*

DANNY - "so u no wot u need 2 do later on tonight during my match with 13?"

UNKNOWN - "yes Danny, it will be the worst day of his life"

Post by: Necro Goth(48478)
2005-01-09 02:16:52
Archangel vs Alice Cooper: Light Tube Ropes match....

Alice hits a huge 2nd Rope powerbomb onto 3 chairs, hetaunts the crowd, but Archangel pulls himself up, then he begins totaunt Cooper behind his back, he turns around, and Archangel whips Cooper into the Light Tube ropes, he shreiks in pain, and Archangel lifts him up for Redemption...Wham right on the chairs...1....2......3!!!

Archangel then celabrates his victory by taking a fan's beer and pouring it over him!!
Post by: 13(64043)
2005-01-09 02:29:17
Results for Danny Blade vs Thirteen in the Barbed Wire Ladder Match!!

Thirteen knocks down Blade with a hard Drop-Sault...
He goes to the top rope, lokking for the 6-Star Splash...
But Danny gets up, and so he gets 13 and does a huge top-rope Tiger-Bomb...
Suddenly, there is a huge "Explosion" (of pyro)...

Danny is dazzled, and then Lady Death comes out, she dropkicks the dazed Blade and he slams into the barbed wire that is wrapped around the ladder...
Then 13 climbs up Danny's back to avoid the wire, then up to the top where he grabs the contract for the Tag Title Match...
Danny falls back, and 13 does the 6-Star off the ladder!!

Then Lady Death & 13 both spit on Blade and Thireen takes to the mic...
"Well, ladies and gentlemen...I give you the debut of Lady Death, thankyou and goodnight..."
Post by: 13(64043)
2005-01-09 02:45:57
Thirteen and Lady Death are once again in that pitch black room with only a couple of matches lighting there face....

13: "So, Danny Blade...ha ha...The team of Warcraft will fight against Alice and Wonderland! And seeing as I allready beat your ass on Wednesday Apocolypse, I don't see why we can't do it again..."

LD: "Ha ha ha ha..."

13: "...and because I beat you...I get to choose the stipulation..I've thought long and hard about this, and I've decided that we will have just a regular Softco..."

Suddenly the lights come on and it is reveal;ed that they are in Archangel's office...Archangel enters...

13: "Hey, come on man, I was doing my thing in here you know..."

Archangel: "Oh, stop crying, I came in here to stop you making a mistake."

Archangel whispers something in 13's ear...they smile...

13: "Ladies and gentlemen, the Tag Title match will be a Scoffold Match (the crowd cheers)...But not just any scaffold match, no...instead of tables under the scaffolding, there will be dumpsters!(cheers again)"

A: " And that's all the greatest faction: Warcraft has to say...come on 13, death, lets get out of this dump of a town..."

-Later on, John Gref interviews Blade...-

J.Gref: "So, your match will be a Scaffold Dumpster match Danny....

D.Blade: " What...? NO...I mean err...Yeah, that'll be perfect wm...yeah ha ha (He says nerviously)...err, excuse me I've got to go..."

Gref: "Well, it looks like Danny and Alice are gonna be ready this Saturday...he he..."
Post by: rajukingbomber(64855)
2005-01-09 09:16:27
Lights go dark throughout the arena and everyone wonders what is going on. Small blue and oarnge strobe lights start flashing going down the runway just catching the feet of a running person. the lights stop around the outside of ring. Out of nowhere explosions of green and blue sparks come out of almost nowhere and Raju is standing in the middle of the ring.

*Raju goes to the outside and grabs a microphone then walks back into the ring* Haha! hey whats up guys! so far i havent gotten a debut match yet huh? personally i want Archangel to give me a good match. mabey he can give me a steel chair match against davis huh? (Crowd cheers)

*I think davis needs a good ass kickin. one person who i KNOW would beat davis in a true singles match would be pook. but im not sure if she will be able to because of the commisioner huh?

*But either way i think im going to extend an offer to pook. right now i ask if she would like to form a tag team. going for tag team titles would be awesome and with pook teaming i believe we could.

* but for now, i need to go and find our commisioner. mabey i can get that steel chair match! (crowd cheers)

Raju goes back up the runway heading for backstage leaving the open invitation to emma
Post by: lazy(27024)
2005-01-09 13:07:58
*Jake Davis appears next to Raju on his Harley Davison.

Jake Davis-It is people like you thinking I'm not good enough for a title, got to tell you something buddy I have the best record here in XLW, nobody has yet come with two wins.

*Raju is about to say something, but Jake Davis interrupts him.

Jake Davis-You may as well get your sorry excuse for a wrestler out of here you see, as long as I'm here there is no way that you'll reach the top! I also advise you don't make tag partners with Emma, as you know there will be know way anyone could win the tag titles with somebody like you holding them back.

Fans-Davis sucks!

Jake Davis-Can you excuse me for a bit I have an interview with John Gref.

*Davis rides to the interview area leaving Raju at the door to the commisioner's room.

John Gref-Well, your late you told me eight 'O clock.

Jake Davis-I had business to take care of, now interview me, just like I requested.

John Gref-After a grueling match for the number one contendership match, and now having the best record in the XLW.......

*Jake Davis interrupts John Gref.

Jake Davis-Tell these people something they don't know.

*Fans boo loudly.

John Gref-As I was saying, what about your match with Emma?

Jake Davis-Emma, you see I'm Jake Davis, the future XLW All-Star champion. You may as well put the title around my waist or give me an XLW Heavyweight title shot! Once I'm through with Emma, Archangel will realize that I defeated the person that he couldn't.

Fans-Davis sucks!

John Gref-How about Raju, he doesn't think you'll survive.

*Fans cheer loudly.

Jake Davis-Raju is of no importance to me, sure he may think he is all good and stuff, but look at Jake Davis, the only wrestler here on XLW with two wins, Emma only has one win, I'm undefeated so is Emma, Raju hasn't even proved he was worthy yet to be in the ring with Jake Davis.

*Fans boo so loud that it echos the arena.

John Gref-Danny Blade said he was going to do something to you, have you noticed anything?

Jake Davis-He bluffs to much, I haven't seen anything happen to me as of yet.

*Fans boo.

*John Gref looks at his watch.

John Gref-Oh look its been twenty minutes.

*Jake Davis leaves as fans boo him while he leaves.
Post by: rajukingbomber(64855)
2005-01-09 13:44:35
Raju is seen walking Backstage with two steel chairs in his hands. He is walking around calling davis ready to show him that he IS worthy enough to be in the ring with him.
Post by: Danny Scoono(64737)
2005-01-09 16:09:39
*While Jake Davis is walking back to his locker room, Danny Blade runs at him with a steel chair and hits him repeatdly*
Post by: Necro Goth(48478)
2005-01-09 21:32:39
{The camera cuts to the parking lot, and Archangel is standing by a dumpster, the other two members of Warcraft: 13 & Lady Death flank his left and right...}

Archangel- So, Alice and Wonderland... tonight, Warcraft vs you girls in a Scaffold match huh...well, you see this dumpster here, bro, Death: do it now...

{Lady Death and 13 proceed in spraying Alice and Danny's names on the dumpster...}

Archangel- You see, they've got your name on it, see you in the ring...

13- Huh, 13...Unlucky for some...

{Warcraft then walk off and the camera fades out on the dumpster...}
Post by: LankstaGangsta(64569)
2005-01-09 22:58:08
**Alice Cooper walks down the ramp**
He shakes his head at the crowd and walks back
**He walks back out in Wrestling Shorts and other items Olympic Wrestling Gear**

"I am Fighter. Alice Cooper is Dead. That challenge is still open for a LADDER match"

***Crowd Cheers***

"If Archangel needs a match with me that's fine with me. But if Danny 'Scoono' Blade wants to make a very poorcopy of this fed and then go and disrupt this fed, well, I aint fine with that. Danny 'Scoono' Blade needs sorting out, and i'll do that easily, for free!"

Fighter walks backstage with the music - White Stripes - Seven Nation Army.
Post by: Danny Scoono(64737)
2005-01-09 23:04:38
*Danny Blades music plays and Danny Blade walks to the ring wearing a XCW T-Shirt, Is He Crazy?*
Post by: LankstaGangsta(64569)
2005-01-09 23:16:24
**Danny Blade Is Walking Up The Ramp and The Lights Go Out**
**The Lights Go Back On And Fighter Is Standing Behind Blade**

Blade looks shaken up, heturns round and walks stright into a right hand from Fighter. Fighter keeps on punching Blade until he gets to the ring. Fighter throws him inot the ring and lands a Flying Dropkick on Blade. Fighter then rips off the XCW shirt off him and takes it out of the ring. He reaches under the ring and pulls out some spray paint. he sprays over the C in XCW and writes L. He then goes back in the ring and lands PAIN and lays the shirt on thebeaten Danny Blade.

Looks like the Battle Of The Feds has just begun.

What is Archangel gonna to about this brawl then?
Post by: LankstaGangsta(64569)
2005-01-09 23:24:02
**Danny Blade Is Walking Up The Ramp and The Lights Go Out**
**The Lights Go Back On And Fighter Is Standing Behind Blade**

Blade looks shaken up, heturns round and walks stright into a right hand from Fighter. Fighter keeps on punching Blade until he gets to the ring. Fighter throws him inot the ring and lands a Flying Dropkick on Blade. Fighter then rips off the XCW shirt off him and takes it out of the ring. He reaches under the ring and pulls out some spray paint. he sprays over the C in XCW and writes L. He then goes back in the ring and lands PAIN and lays the shirt on thebeaten Danny Blade.

Looks like the Battle Of The Feds has just begun.

What is Archangel gonna to about this brawl then?
Post by: lazy(27024)
2005-01-10 06:54:09
(OOC: I demand a proposal that everyone on the XCW roster isn't welcome to XLW. That way we could have a fed battle. We could have title unifications and whichever federation that loses the main event will lose control of fed powers and the other fed that wins gets total control.)
Post by: kranis(63924)
2005-01-10 07:40:34
***Fighter begins to exit the XLW ring and walk down the entrance ramp. Suddenly the lights throughout the stadium go pitch black and an eerie sreeching noise blasts throughout. Eerie moonbeams then begin to shine throughout the arena and land on a stunned Fighter. Suddenly, from behind a man in a black trenchcoat stands with a huge Louisville Slugger in his right hand. The mysterious man then gives Fighter a cheap shot that knocks him cold. For a minute the man stands over the prone Fighter and laughs. He then turns around and walks slowly toward the ring where Danny Blade is injured and on the mat. The lights go on and everyone now gets a good view of the behemoth....

The man is wearing an all black trenchcoat with white moon beams down the arms. The back of the coat has the outline of a moon with a beautiful brown hawk present in the center. The man is very strange looking. For some strange reason, there is a black jewel enbedded in his forehead. He is known by some by the name of Hawkmoon.

Hawkmoon walks up to Danny Blade and helps lift him off the mat. Blade's eyes open HAwkmoon then speaks:****

Hawkmoon: My man Danny. You have a world of enemies around here. Its time you start fighting fire with fire.

***Hawkmoon then hands the Louisville Slugger bat to Blade***

Hawkmoon: I'm XCW thru and thru. You can count on Hawkmoon Boss.

***Hawkmoon then turns to the cameras and makes a challenge***

Hawkmoon: Necro (ooc:or whatever you call yourself here) you want a war with XCW? Well now Hawkmoon's involved. Here's what I propose. Tag Team match. My boss here and HAwkmoon vs you and some XLW goon. And how bout we have Louisville Sluggers involved

***The lights then go out and back on and Hawkmoon is gone. To who knows where?***
Post by: lazy(27024)
2005-01-10 07:51:17
*Placebo-Pure Morning plays as Jake Davis enters from the entrance of the ramp on his Harley Davison. Fans are cheering because they are XLW fans.

Jake Davis-Hey look at these two amateurs trying to start a fed. I know that you, Danny Blade are just jealous because I have the best record in XLW and you have the worst.


Jake Davis-Take a look at this other wrestler, he hasn't even wrestled for either XLW or XCW.


Jake Davis-You see Danny Blade there is I looking for revenge from the chair shot you gave me today, I Jake Davis would love to take you on after I defeat your Vice owner Emma. I advise Danny Blade you get rid of your wannabe XLW federation before there is an XLW invasion. Bring it!

*Fans start cheering for Jake Davis as he rides backstage.

(OOC: Danny I will invade your rp thread unless you stop the invasion here. This means I'm a face now.)

Post by: Necro Goth(48478)
2005-01-10 21:38:28
{Archangel has got every XLW superstar in his office...}

Archangel- Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we have seen a dark day, those XLW wannabees XCW, have decided that they are soo good that they need to eliminate the competition! But XLWcame 1st, and XLW will prevail, now I don't know when they plan to invade next, or where, but all I wanna say is watch your backs, and when you see them, give 'em hell!
Post by: Cortez(15600)
2005-01-10 22:48:03
Just to get this straight: XLW is not the first fed ever, also, xcw will be going through some changes if I have anything to do with it...
Post by: Danny Scoono(64737)
2005-01-11 00:08:17


Danny - "Myself, emma the pook and my new secretary of defence Cortez, are gonna whoop all your sorry XLW @$$$ into submission, so ALL XLW Wrestlers , visit me in XCW if u want 2 join me and the best god damn fed. in VOW history......X....C....W...!"
Post by: Necro Goth(48478)
2005-01-11 02:22:36
Archangel steps out...perfect, you've walked right into my trap...Officers: arrest those men, and escort them out of my arena for advertising on my show, breaking and entering AND tresspassing!

50 armed officers come out and take the XCW filth out!^_^
Post by: Necro Goth(48478)
2005-01-11 02:23:34
-XLW can now be found at

Post by: Danny Scoono(64737)
2005-01-11 02:25:39
Post by: Dax Deadly(58462)
2005-01-11 04:44:48
Post by: Necro Goth(48478)
2005-01-12 04:00:14
Ok, I'm getting annoyed with everyone creating new feds If everyone could go to that is the new home of XLW!!!
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