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Forum: VOW Newbies
Thread: How to make a new char and max him out.
Post by: denzil(82151)
2006-06-23 14:21:41
1. go to the gym after making your char
2. look at the list of stats and look for the trainer box.
3. turn off the trainer.
4. place 500 ap in the box and press enter
5. this has maxed your stat to 75% of max.
6. Consciousness is your life so lets max it with your $500 you have.
7. click on the box to enter in 50 ap +$500 to max your con stat.
8. so your char needs to go to staff now and turn on the doctors to level 2. do not turn on any other staff at all. You will need the $$.
9. go to the locker room and go to the bottem of the page. There is a free move up date that will do a extra 15 dmg to any move. Your call on what move you want.
10. your now ready to fight in LMS ring. Why because your all = at this time.
11. use the player list to find = exp matchs. No moer exp than 10 than your own.
12. go to R&R to heal or die!
13. Then spen your $ on your stats. Do con first.
14. Good luck.
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