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Forum: VOW Newbies
Thread: Destroyer Development Centre!
Post by: hopton2004(72600)
2005-10-01 02:45:31
After careful consideration I have decided that I will offer my services in a bid to train VOW's newest LAW's!

I know many who call them n00bs or hate them because they don't know the rules! So this is why I am doing this to ensure that you LAW's know the basics and can develop into good wrestlers. I hope you take advantage of this because there aren't many people who do this.

Anyway enough dilly dallying! If you wish for me to help you in any way then don't hesitate to either post your queries in this thread or PM my character Destroyer id: 32027 or alternatively try and catch me on MSN messenger if I am on,, you can also email me your queries their.

Thankyou for reading, look forward to helping you guys!
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