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Forum: VOW Development & Design
Thread: NEW FEDS
Post by: jportista(423238)
2010-06-10 03:27:38
Hi everyone, Greetings to all
It's time to revolutionize the VOW
It's time to go back to the feds to create new dynamic VOW rivalries with more titles and more animation ...
How many of you do not complain that the chat is dead. Well then, this is because there is no contact. And with new feds this could happen.
So who's with me?
Post by: allstar23zone(416253)
2010-06-11 05:07:35
not enough people care to read the forum. its a great idea but we really have no way to do this with out chat promotion, whcih is against the rules
Post by: hammerlock(425607)
2010-07-19 18:30:15
I agree with allstar.

It's almost like they're trying to get rid of E-Feds.
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