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Forum: VOW Development & Design
Thread: The Main Problem
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2006-06-07 07:34:17
The main problem in vow that i have been noticing more in recent weeks is the newer players being (for lack of a better word) Bullied by the more experienced players so much so that it is making it impopssible for newer players to enjoy themselves and have a good time.

This is a big problem when people see the argument and decide to gang up on the newbie making him feel secluded and therefore driving thm away from the game.

So for the good of the game i think the 'zero-tolerance' should be expanded to bullying of newer players aswell.

yours hopefully
Post by: Marcs or Felix(120913)
2006-06-08 04:35:52
totally agree, especially a certain 2 people i kno...
Post by: Crosson(37742)
2006-06-08 06:14:28
I would agree that this would seem to encourage the newer players leaving.

BUT, you must admit (at least in the cases I've seen), usually the newer players do something to antagonize the older players first.

saying something like "i'm the best" or "i can kick your teeth in" :) or anything along those lines does not go over well when you've only put a week of your time into this versus the guys who have put more than a year into the game.

Maybe the chat could be filtered (well, not in it's current form I don't believe, but if a new chat system was implemented perhaps) so that you could say stuff to only your current league members / or to everyone. This way, LAWs could say "I'm the best" and not piss off all the more experienced people.

Also, a lot of the newer players seem to think the rules don't apply to them. There is a section with the rules in there for a reason. That should be the first thing they check out when they sign up. (not sure if the rules are shown when signing up -- been too long for me) It is not the responsibility of other people to explain the rules to the new players. At times, this can be frustrating to the older players (i've been there).

YES, there are older players who antagonize for no real reason other than to entertain themselves (the game DOES get slightly repetitive if you're here long enough). That does not excuse their behavior either. But it may explain WHY such things may occur.

and one more thing. If you don't like what's happening in the chat, it is possible to shut the chat off for your account. When you first log into PLITgames with your master account, there is a link called account settings. There you can change the location of the chat or set it to off.

Just a few observations from a long time player of VOW who had chat turned off for awhile.
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2006-06-08 09:55:30
it's called roleplaying... it's what wrestlers like to do.. then the seasoned players decide to take it personally and therefore bully the mand it annoys me so i do state it in chat from time to time
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2006-06-08 09:57:01
look at our account IDs man, not to different, so we been playing aroudn the same time, and the community on VOW is GREAT exept for the reason of this thread. so i would never dream of turning off the chat.
Post by: The Legend Killer(21778)
2006-06-08 16:56:18
"The main problem in vow that i have been noticing more in recent weeks is the newer players being (for lack of a better word) Bullied by the more experienced players so much so that it is making it impopssible for newer players to enjoy themselves and have a good time. "

So you're saying that the bullying is the only reason for the new players leaving. From what I have seen, it seems to be the whole game in general which makes them leave, claiming it is "too hard" or the game isn't what they want it to be (I mean, just look at some of the suggestions they put forward).
Post by: Thor(146261)
2006-06-09 03:14:46
lol cry me a river Marcs. It is like BttW said, when noobs want to run their mouths about how good they are, then it takes someone who has actually climbed the ladder to put a sock in their mouths.

The game is not labelled "Popularity Contest", it is called VOW.

As LK said, new players leave because they a) suck at the game, b) complain it is too hard, c) expect to be able to "watch" the match or d) because they die in the ring.

Most new players also believe that rules are optional. Look at all the swearing, masking etc that comes from the new players. You want to talk about veterans bullying the new guys? Take a look at the blatant disrespect from the new players toward the veterans before you go trying to hand out blame.
Post by: yar(35506)
2006-06-09 04:08:11
Your all right some of the new players are wrong in their actions and some of the vets are wrong as well it takes two to tango, so who is really wrong? is it the noobs that frustrate the vets or the vets that get frustrated by the noobs? I say it is the whole system and not any one individual.

lets not worry about the little things, noobs will be noobs and nothing is going to change that.

And does this new zero tolerance policy really have any effect on anyone. i doubt it so they lose their chat priv, big deal they still have pm's.

the whole vow system needs overhauled, from the mod situation to the rules.
Post by: insane clown(11577)
2006-06-09 04:13:38
just to make sure for a future reference am i called as a noob again or am i still a vet because i need to know.

at the moment i class myself a vet so i pick on the noobs but if im a noob again then its vet bashing time



Ps this topic is rubbish and pointless goodbye
Post by: smoke(126548)
2006-06-09 17:23:33
I think we should go to see the wizard of Oz to find out... What ya'll think?
Post by: yar(35506)
2006-06-10 00:02:31
I thought you were always a noob but maybe thats because when you were at the top of your game you'ld tell real noobs that you were a law and they would fall for it
Post by: legendary wolf(38655)
2006-06-10 22:04:41
*smacks KOVOW*

ha noob bashed ^_^
Post by: Loincloth Legend(122263)
2006-06-14 13:51:10
Ok, I agree with both sides here to an extent. If a Noob is out of line then putting them in their place is acceptable. BUT there are frequent cases of Vets jumping on new guys for no real reason or interfering and butting in when there is no need

Does it affect us when a noob comes into a game and acts like, well a noob lol Not really. Though I agree its annoying and usually quick so doesnt affect us too much in that respect. The worst though are all these fueds and ongoing arguments. If people dont like each other thats fine, get on with it or argue in pm's. I turned my chat off for months because i was sick of it. Its bringing the game down, when it could all be done in private just as easy lol

Remember guys, Its not real life, ITS JUST A GAME!
Post by: james46112(202817)
2006-06-15 21:57:43
I am a noob here. I recently detatched and then 5 days later made a new character. my first character i made was a power grappler and i was using him to mostly get a feel for the game. He was pretty decent though. My new character is a stiff neck. I have now won some matches and lost some but I enjoy the game. I do not see why so many new people have trouble figure out this game. It is not hard and if you seach the forums you will find an answer to just about all of your questions. Also noob bashing is only a problem cause the new people actualy accept matches from people way to strong for them to beat. Their character suffer because of their own stupidity. I do not accept every challange. In paticuler the ones that would result in serious injury to my character. There are some that might think of me a coward to declining matches but actualy it is me being smart. If i get beat down all the time then I will never get anyone in VOW. Sometimes i do beat up some of the weaker people for some extra cash but I actualy prefer matches with people who's stats are closer to my own so that we can have a good match. Point is noob bashing is not why new people quit. New people quit because their characters start to suffer and they are not playing smartly. That and many of them fail to browse the forums. lol
Post by: Deathlord(144339)
2006-06-17 04:08:45
As much as we do appreciate the effort you put in there james, what you posted, had almost nothing to do with the topic.
The discussion is about bullying on chat, not inside the ring.
Post by: philldodilldo(22259)
2006-06-17 04:43:52
ok someone up there said its just a game! it cant be true nooooo!
Post by: Loincloth Legend(122263)
2006-06-17 12:55:57
It was me Phill lol *Kicks the cats*

I know most think of this as almost a way of life now, but arguments, bad feelings and bullying is plainly stupid. Why would you want to ruin yours and someone elses enjoyment of this game? Its stupid and im guessing it makes these people feel big and clever.

It is just a game so play it like one, if a noob says something out of line, chastise them, otherwise just leave them alone and get on with the fun. I dont get on with plenty of people in real life I dont get on with, but I dont feel the need to abuse them whenever I see them minding their own business because it ruins everyone arounds day

Why be any different here? Its not big and its not clever lol
Post by: Marcs or Felix(120913)
2006-06-23 03:13:47
i dont need to cry a river thor, its fact, alot of LAWs look for nonsense, and they get it, but u get the select few that will say sumin good, nuthing to provoke a vet or otha player, and will still get picked on. and we shouldnt hav to explain rules to them, i've seen it in anotha post and totally agree, when a new char is created, that char should auto get a PM with the rules, sumin easy 2 add
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