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Forum: VOW Development & Design
Thread: Referee and no holds barred
Post by: Steve Blakman(192627)
2006-06-06 17:59:51
No.1 the referee is not involved in the match! The ability to distract him and hit your opponent with a weapon or something should be available. If it is unscuccesful of course you will be disqualified if he sees. This may disapoint you in a match so maybe the option of choice should be added. E.G: Single USE WEAPON(Caution possible DQ),Single,Ladder,Cage etc...

No.2 Why not add a match were you can use a weapon anyway.No Holds Barred or Hardcore whatever you want to call it. Im sure its been mentioned before and its a great idea If you ever got arround to it, it would be awesome.
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