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Forum: VOW Development & Design
Thread: tons of developments (such as... costumizable finishers : ] )
Post by: Rappier(175990)
2006-06-01 04:30:37
One thing that could really make players differ form each other could be the option to costumize the finisher. When a player selected a special move, it would allow that player to choose one of many bonuses for it. Instead of only increasing the damage done (up to 15) there could be several different options:

- Increased damage, up to 15 (the only available now)

- Added pin after move / increased winning chance by pin(for moves already followed by pin)

- Added submission to the move / increased chance of winning by submission (for submission moves, bear hug and head vice included)

- Stunning (new option: if successful, the next attack belongs to the attacker and it is a stupendous attack - max damage of the chosen move)

One other thing that could be done was to give some importance to experience during matches. My suggestion is to make the experience work like staff (for example, divide your xp by half the number of matches you've fought and that would be the percentage of bonus to injury reduction, move connection and damage increase). Any other method of calculating the staff bonus or any other idea to make experience valuable during matches would be fine.

Also, lost matches against players from leagues above should not give only 1 xp and 1 fame. It should always be more than that.

Furthermore, I think it would be nice if a player could choose 3 non-finisher moves (or any low number of them) to perform more times, like the techniques he likes to perform (example: for batista, it could be the spine buster, the spear and the clothesline). The number could vary with the cost of the moves (the more expensive, the less moves can be chosen to perform more often - the lower the number of them)

These are my suggestions for developments. I understand if they're difficult (or even impossible) to make. But if you agree with any, please let me know.

PS: I know they're not tons of suggestions like i said in the title, but it is a fine way to make ppl read my post =P
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