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Forum: VOW Development & Design
Thread: Address Book!
Post by: hopton2004(72600)
2005-10-17 00:32:47
This may sound silly but perhaps a link could be added somewhere for an address book type thing.

We could add the id of those wrestlers who we know and that way when messaging them you dont have to go through player list or player search.

It could be layed out in a format as follows:
Wrestler Name and Id.....Send Message....Challenge

It would make it easier to find people that trawling like I said.

Also if you had some kind of system where both had to comply to adding each other to the book that way unwanted address book adding could be avoided.

I know it may sound odd, but it could help in keeping track of whos where on here!
Post by: lazy(27024)
2005-10-17 05:54:33
I'd like this on the forums, but this may slow down VOW.
Post by: hopton2004(72600)
2005-10-18 05:02:44
Yeah thats the only thing I am worried about, VOWs server is already struggling at times so we need to be careful where to put things and what to put in.
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