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Forum: VOW General
Thread: Aerialists better than tech?
Post by: eye563(71674)
2005-04-27 23:59:28
i have a tech wrestler in the spwa and everytime i fight a aerialist they seem to have an advantage, even the ones with far less xp seem to have the upper hand, why is this?
Post by: goldberg(104856)
2005-07-09 14:11:00
hey i really dont know why but i am a aerialist and i really gratfull for you telling me that and to help you out if you get beat by aerialist dont fight them
Post by: goldberg(104856)
2005-07-09 14:11:44
and by the way i am STONE_COLD 51360 want to fight me
Post by: Lokie(29796)
2005-07-09 14:39:00
the reason being is that your counter rate isn't that high so low level areialist can bust more moves on you without that much fear, wait till you become SSWO or PWO and see the difference
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