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Forum: VOW General
Thread: VOW's Favourites
Post by: Div(17156)
2005-04-15 10:04:38
I Thought i do one of those things LK did.
The other 1 was lost in the old forums lol
Have a few questions and the VOW People decide who they think win each award.

1. Favourite Legend??
2. Most Hated Legend??
3. Favourite Player Altogether??
4. Most Hated Player Altogether??
5. Best Stable??
6. Biggest Crybaby??
7. Most Copied??
8. Person you would want to meet in real life??

OK There, If you have any other Awards you think should be there just say and i will add them
I Think..
1. Probably Cone
2. KOVOW in a friendly way :)
3. Probably Cone again
4. Ocelot
5. Pure Skill ofcourse :D
6. Ocelot
7. Me!! :D ChrisBenoit
8. No Doubt Cone :S
Post by: Coneman(325)
2005-04-15 10:50:12
1. Favourite Legend- Speddles or Rince
2. Most Hated Legend- KOVOW in a nice way =/
3. Favourite Player Altogether- CB!!!
4. Most Hated Player Altogether- KOVOW and ocelot
5. Best Stable- AD of course..we pwnage :D
6. Biggest Crybaby- dunno..
7. Most Copied- everyone has had their fair share of clones..
8. Person you would want to meet in real life- CB

=/ sorta a pattern in answers
Post by: Version 1(26732)
2005-04-15 12:00:54

1. Favourite Legend?? Scorpion... just for being the first
2. Most Hated Legend?? hick bob
3. Favourite Player Altogether?? Florizeous (still can't spell your name right =D)
4. Most Hated Player Altogether?? hick bob and Dr.Blinky
5. Best Stable?? AD
6. Biggest Crybaby?? WOW
7. Most Copied?? ...
8. Person you would want to meet in real life?? CB or Cone, as they both leave in Australia like me
Post by: The Legend Killer(21778)
2005-04-15 15:54:56
Nice to see someone carried on the tradition ;)

1. Favourite Legend - I would say me, but I can't.... so, Rince (speddles close second) :)
2. Most Hated Legend - erm.... KOVOW (had to pick someone)
3. Favourite Player Altogether - Shamrock :)
4. Most Hated Player Altogether - Danny Blade
5. Best Stable - Dangerous Alliance
6. Biggest Crybaby - Ocelot
7. Most Copied - ME!
8. Person you woud want to meet in real life - Jaysen Chambers :)
Post by: Kueller(13231)
2005-04-15 23:29:19
1. Me
2. You
3. Me
4. You
5. Mine
6. You
7. Me
8. Charlize Theron
Post by: Brian Allan(45150)
2005-04-16 00:10:27
Favourite Legend - Mistah Speddles
Most Hated Legend - Don't really "hate" anyone.
Favourite Player Altogether - Hard to say just one.
Most Hated Player Altogether - See two.
Best Stable - The Hub
Biggest Crybaby - Ocelot
Most Copied - KOVOW
Person you would want to meet in real life - Jaysen Chambers
Post by: BubbaG(33460)
2005-04-16 02:55:57
Favorite Legend: Hick Bob
Hated Legend: I'm a Chef not a Hater
Favorite Player: Hick Bob or Mistah Speddles
Hated Player: See #2
Best Stable: AD
Biggest Crybaby: Ocelot
Most Copied: LK
Person want to meet: Halle Berry
Post by: Dinkus_Warrior(50201)
2005-04-16 03:02:41
1. Favourite Legend - Mistah Speddles
2. Most Hated Legend -
3. Favourite Player Altogether - Jaysen Chambers. Only guy I really talk to outside of on here that plays
4. Most Hated Player Altogether - Danny "Detatch" Blade
5. Best Stable - Absolute Domination...I do have a joke here but not posting it here since it could be a bit offensive to some people.
6. Biggest Crybaby - Ocelot
7. Most Copied - LK
8. Person you would want to meet in real life - emma the pook
Post by: slangi(11441)
2005-04-16 06:51:03
9. Person most likely not to make this list at all: Tsenn or BttW XD hey had to get us in there somehow!

Post by: Nasumat(27790)
2005-04-16 07:09:55
1. Favourite Legend - Shamrock
Post by: mistahspeddles(20309)
2005-04-16 11:56:01
1. Favourite Legend - Bubba (made so much money off him)

2. Most Hated Legend - KOVOW (don't really hate him, he just wants to be a heel)

3. Favourite Player Altogether - I can't choose just one

4. Most Hated Player Altogether - Elpirt/WOW

5. Best Stable - AD

6. Biggest Crybaby - Elpirt/WOW

7. Most Copied - LK (easily)

8. Person you would want to meet in real life - Jessica Alba.
Post by: Crosson(37742)
2005-04-16 15:53:31
haha thanks Tsenn, you made my day :)
Post by: Jaysen Chambers(46756)
2005-04-16 17:05:09
Favorite Legend: Hmm, probably Black Demon.
Hated Legend: Umm, I'll go with KOVOW.
Favorite Player/s: Yes, I added the /s :P Thats simply because I have too many favorites.. so i'll list them in no particular order, Luna, Chris(aka, Mystio, SoS and whatever he's going by now... i know he's around somewhere.), Brian Allan, RVD420, The Legend Killer/Joker/Gigaton Joe/The Easter Bunny.. what? Its true. Go on, ask him if he's the easter bunny.. and the rest of the hub.
Hated Player: hmm the person that got legit HTML banned from VOW.
Best Stable: AD.. with the hub in a distant second. :)
Biggest Crybaby: Hmm........ I'll go with WOW
Most Copied: Erm, i'd say KOVOW has a lot of peons.. but no one cares. So lets go with LK or Benoit.. i mean.. c'mon.. obviously there's bound to be several ugly children with the name benoit running around.
Person want to meet: Tie between Brian, and MY Luna.. :O

and to all those who voted for me, thanks. I appreciate it.
Post by: insane clown(11577)
2005-04-16 17:54:13
1. Favourite Legend - Hmmm hick bob
2. Most Hated Legend - Scorp (cant vote me :( )
3. Favourite Player Altogether - Hick Bob
4. Most Hated Player Altogether - eon night/hooded star
5. Best Stable - DA
6. Biggest Crybaby - LK
7. Most Copied - LK, but i seem to have alot now
8. Person you would want to meet in real life - Hick Bob
Post by: slangi(11441)
2005-04-17 07:26:14
hey anytime dude you've been around a long time like I have can't forget ya
Post by: Coneman(325)
2005-04-17 20:45:24
sad there is like no interest in this :S
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