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Thread: Humorous random VOW moment:
Post by: Doug the Designer(55)
2005-04-14 22:22:06
Here is the match text for a cage match that some noob challenged me to:

Title : The Game(36423) vs Bouncer Mahone(7615)

Recordings :

bring it on, sucka
I hope you're wearing a cup.
AutoHeal: The Game uses 22 Ap for healing 44 damage
AutoHeal: Bouncer Mahone uses 14 Ap for healing 27 damage
Bouncer Mahone makes an extraordinary THRUSTER KICK for 22 damage.
Forget anything bad I ever said about this guy!

I told him to wear a cup....
Post by: beggar(46408)
2005-04-14 23:03:14
this from a recent match agianst one of Dilly's wrestlers

it's almost like in a tom and jerry cartoon ...

The Armenian Beast makes Pumphandle Slam for 7 damage.

The Armenian Beast makes Arm Bar for 3 damage.
The submission fails.

The Armenian Beast makes Rub Beard in the Face for 14 damage.
The submission fails.

Wow, I think someone needs to restart my heart!

The Armenian Beast makes a stupendous Eye Gouge for 1 damage.

Match over : The Armenian Beast wins by knockout

I hit him with everything I've got and he refuses to go down ... then I poke him in the eye and he goes down for the count :):):)
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