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Forum: VOW General
Thread: A Suggested Solution to Legend Bonus Problem
Post by: ricklax313(83849)
2006-02-12 17:03:39
People of VOW,
Peter made a few changes a couple weeks ago in order to try and make things easier for all of us that participate in this game. Some of the changes people thought were pretty cool, like the new league, VWO. One change that has been controversial is the Legend Damage Bonus Removal in Tournaments. Well, after taking some time to think over stuff, I have an idea that might cause a couple things.

1) Make more people retire and start over. Yea seriously this idea is that good.
2) Allow for legends to have a damage bonus in tournaments.

Here is my idea. It comes when a wrestler comes to that special stage when he or she is retiring. I feel that instead of just giving a damage bonus that is not used in Tourneys as currently implimented, there should be a choice of an award when a person retires.

The choices that I think would make this good for all of VOW are: (All can be chosen more than once for multiple retirees.)
1) 1+ Damage Bonus (Nonremovable in Tourneys)
2) 10-25% Price cut on All base moves
3) 2 Free Specials
4) 2500 Extra AP
5) See below.

I was also thinking of a choice that would allow a wrestler to choose the final 3 moves in his or her original 13 moves from a list of moves that would be available. This would make things a little more fun maybe and diverse amongst all of the wrestlers. Any opinions please state them. Maybe they could work.

With much respect,
Billy Styles
Post by: madeles(83025)
2006-02-12 20:04:30
Whilst I agree that some of the changes that are proposed here are good ideas, it still won't stop me from not retiring. Retirement is an option, not a compulsary action. That way it's up to the player what to do.
Post by: ricklax313(83849)
2006-02-13 03:05:12
Yea but retiring just doesn't seem appealing anymore. We get attached to our characters and even though we can fight as them again, the award for starting over just isn't worth it. That's why my idea is suggested.
Post by: Limerick(56750)
2006-02-13 03:49:38

Those sound like pretty good suggestions...but it still doesn't solve the problem of Brian Allan owning everyone for the rest of our lives...

Just on a side note, I have absolutely no problem with Brian Allan as a character or as a person on this, just the fact that it is impossible for me to ever catch up to him or win a tourney thats he's already entered in kind of irks me...sorry BA!
Post by: yadlow2005(86957)
2006-02-14 01:01:23
Experience cap!!! then all stats halt. Very simple to implement and very easy to remove..:)
Post by: Bret Hart(73101)
2006-02-14 08:36:15
I agree Rick...

Is that what this was all about Limerick, to stop BA from owning us and getting him to retire? :( These changes make him not want to retire more than before. There is no reason for him to retire now. His finishers are worth way more than the 1 dmg bonus could ever be worth. Maybe a maximum amount of experience is the right idea.

I do like the idea of choosing your advantage.
Post by: lazy(27024)
2006-02-14 09:35:12

His choice.
Post by: Limerick(56750)
2006-02-14 19:13:56
I agree with you Bret...
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